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Intelligence that Empowers

Realize unprecedented insight into grid operations. Improve customer engagement. Increase grid safety.

Unprecedented Awareness, Operations and Insight

Adding more intelligence means augmenting centralized processes with ones that are distributed throughout the grid, closer to where and when action and control take place. Distributed intelligence (DI) provides those needed insights so you can empower decision making at the right place and at the right time across your system. We're delivering “edgility” designed to evolve with your needs, and more importantly, your customers’ needs.

This is the future of utility operations, resource optimization and consumer engagement—and it’s here now with customers realizing its true value in the field, today.

Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness

Gain the information you need before you need it. DI delivers real-time, edge intelligence to help you anticipate potential break-downs across the grid.

A New Approach

A New Approach

Leverage new insights to operate more efficiently, increase ROI through better asset management and maintenance, and improve CAIDI and SAIDI metrics.

Unprecedented Insight

Unprecedented Insight

Proactively plan and deploy critical infrastructure to ensure a highly reliable, resilient distribution grid with sophisticated control capabilities.

Distributed Intelligence Applications

Itron’s distributed intelligence applications, delivered in conjunction with our industrial IoT network, enable new and innovative approaches to solving critical challenges facing the world’s power grids and transforming utility consumer engagement. Key applications address challenges like: resiliency and disaster restoration; grid modernization; low-voltage distribution network management; renewables integration and control; load monitoring and management; and consumer engagement and services.

Empowering Intelligence
with DI

Grid Edge Optimizer

Optimize secondary loads so your grid operates reliably within voltage/frequency tolerances.

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We’ve Got an App for That

DI applications can be downloaded from the Itron Enterprise Application Center to devices in the field to enable new functionality and new value. Check out our brochure for the challenges our applications solve today, as well as some on the horizon.

Itron DI Applications Include:
Active Premise Load Shedding | Active Temperature Monitoring | Active Transformer Load Management | Active Transformer Load Monitoring | Active Transformer Voltage Monitoring | Bellwether Voltage Monitoring | DI Data Cloud Service | DNP3 Client | EV Awareness | High Impedance Detection | Location Awareness | Meter Bypass Detection | Real-Time Markets | Smart Payment | Solar Awareness | Storm Mode | Vegetation Contact Detection
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Enabling Real-time Visibility

DI Applications


High Impedance Detection

Rely on advanced sensing and data processing to spot high-impedance faults and related grid safety issues without a significant investment in distribution automation equipment.


Meter Bypass Detection

Eliminate time and costs for false positive meter bypass investigations, detect and report theft rapidly, recover revenue, improve accuracy and ensure real-time edge intelligence to support the investigation process.


Location Awareness

Effectively use smart meters as grid sensors to know exactly where these assets are in relation to others in your distribution network.


On the Edge: Leveraging Distributed Intelligence

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