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Temetra web platform


Temetra web platform

SaaS Platform for Data Collection & Management

The Itron mobile data collection system allows the processing of advanced data relating both to the mode of reading and to communication performance, as well as different consumption alarms, such as leakage warnings. These data, which are available on-line when a meter is read, allow the rapid initiation of investigations with subscribers.

All data linked to invoicing are automatically sent by the application to the invoicingsoftware. The regularity and comprehensiveness of the recorded data ensure the optimisation and security of invoicing cycles.

All the data processed in the mobile collection application are held on Itron servers which meet the ISO 27001 information security standard. Water companies therefore access their data in a secure and immediate manner on a dedicated web platform and can configure as many user profiles as there are departments. Each user thus has optimised access to the data which concern them specifically.

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