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Itron Smart Pay


Itron Smart Pay

Itron offers a wide range of smart payment metering options designed for residential electricity and gas consumers. By generating cash flow in advance of usage, smart payment solutions help eliminate old customer debt, prevent new debt or delinquent accounts from forming, and decrease fraud risk. Smart payment solutions are designed with customer satisfaction around control and utility cash flow in mind, and will help you balance customer use with electricity and gas payment.

The Itron Smart Pay solution provides value to both utilities and consumers in numerous ways. Utilities can provide a higher level of service to consumers, who in turn, are empowered to directly and proactively manage energy use and cost. This solution combines significant experience and innovative technology to offer prepayment services which:
  • Reduce utility arrears and write-offs by 80% or more
  • Help customers reduce their carbon footprint by 3-12%, while saving money
  • Increases customer satisfaction by more than 80%!

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