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EverBlu Cyble Enhanced

Intelligent and Compact Radio Module for Itron Water and Gas Meters

The EverBlu Cyble™ Enhanced is compatible with EverBlu fixed network for daily data transmission or on-request meter reads.

In water and gas applications, EverBlu Cyble Enhanced transmits not only the 24 hourly meter reading indexes, but also advanced information such as tampering alarms, detection of leakages and detection of backflow for water meters, etc.

Alternatively, its data can also be collected using AnyQuest™ mobile reading system. Thus allowing upgradability from one system to the other.

Specially designed to withstand harsh environments, EverBlu Cyble Enhanced is convenient for all kinds of installation conditions, including flooded pits (water only), building shafts, meter cabinets, technical rooms, etc.

New meter intelligence alarms include:

  • Volume above threshold
  • Volume below threshold
  • Peak flow
  • Blocked Meter

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