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Cyble 5

Multi-connectivity RF Module for fast AMR (drive-by) and AMI reading (IoT LoRaWAN/Sigfox/OMSv4)

Cyble™ 5 is a unique solution helping utilities engage in the ongoing digitalization of their water and gas distribution networks. Designed to transform mechanical meters into communication data points, Cyble 5 enables fast drive-by (AMR) and IoT data collection allowing for better billing efficiency. Conceived for agility with its embedded multi-connectivity options, Cyble 5 adapts to complex deployments and evolves with the needs from the field, making it a safe and long-term investment.

Interoperable with open-standards.
With out-of-the-box connectivity options, Cyble 5 modules operate with open standard protocols in mobile data collection systems using wM-Bus or multi-purpose IoT networks (LoRaWAN /Sigfox technologies).

Designed for the field.
Easy to connect through a clip-on design with no wiring or wall mounting required, Cyble 5 is compact with an integrated antenna allowing for use in a wide range of existing meter box installations.

Robust under severe conditions.
Conceived to resist water, contaminants, corrosion, rough handling, and temperature cycling for a preserved reliability over time. Adaptable to water and gas environment, is also IP68 and ATEX rated.

Fine-tuned by decades of industry expertise.
Cyble's patented technology ensures a perfect correlation between the mechanical meter register and the digital index for sustained accuracy. Compatible with Itron's Cyble-ready range of mechanical water meters & c-Series gas meters.

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