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Water is the most precious resource of all. We can help you make every drop count.

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At Itron, we have the deep industry expertise to help you solve your current problems—with the vision and technological leadership to equip you for the challenges of tomorrow.

Revenue protection water

Revenue Protection

More than a third of water pumped through the distribution system is lost to water leakage. Protect your revenue with leak detection and analytics solutions from Itron.

Adaptive intelligence

Adaptive Intelligence

A computer in every meter, every device? It’s possible with Itron water solutions to help you bring intelligence and action to the very edge of your water distribution network.

Data driven insights

Data-Driven Insights

Combine our smart devices and analytics solutions to gain actionable understanding of water metering and use, water distribution, water leakage and more.

Mitigate Non-Revenue Water

Mitigate Non-Revenue Water

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Digital cloud raining

Want to improve your water conservation program?

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Cellular IoT for Water

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Webinar: IoT NaaS Canopies – Deploy Your Water AMI Today!

Watch this webinar to learn how American Electric Power (AEP) is partnering with water utilities and cities to get a head start at deploying their own smart water solutions at a fraction of the time and cost.


Temetra Analysis

Addressing Water Scarcity: How to Save Billions of Gallons in Drought-Stricken California
View more examples on this interactive map1 (108 MB).
Learn how acoustic leak-sensing devices and Temetra Analysis can help.
1California Department of Water Resources, Water Use Efficiency Data. WUEdata - Water Use Efficiency Data (ca.gov)

water leaks

97.4 billion

gallons of water are lost in California per year due to leaks or asset failures

of which

Precious Water

27 billion

gallons are economically recoverable

equating to

home water


homes' consumption in a year

Driving Towards Sustainable Water Management

Driving Towards Sustainable Water Management: Challenges and Strategies for Water Utilities

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Beneath the Surface: After the Storm

Learn how Provo Water quickly restored service after a natural disaster by reducing non-revenue water loss and driving water conservation.
(This video was produced for Itron by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions)

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Customer Successes

Migrating from AMR to AMI for Water

“Better customer engagement through AMI has changed our day to day.”

Dealing with aging water metering infrastructure is a challenge, learn how AMI can help.

Restoring Water Service Amid Natural Disasters

“Having data from the AMI system helped us focus on where to allocate our resources and keep everyone safe.”

In less than four days after Hurricane Irma, the entire water system was re-pressurized and all customers were online.

Realizing the Power of AMI with Leak Detection

Water utility officials in Clayton County, GA, discovered their non-revenue water losses were nearing 20%. They took action with Itron’s AMI meters with leak detection. In eight years, they saved $4.3 million in production cost.

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5 billion gallons saved

Wiser Water Management

Bismarck struggled with a “horrible, horrible” read rate, with estimates standing in for accurate usage reads on half of its approximately 22,000 water meters. Enter Itron, whose AMI and analytics solutions not only sent read rates soaring but also dramatically improved Bismarck’s ability to detect and prevent leaks and waste.

Read rates soared to 99.98%
Colorful fall in Appalachian Mountains, Pennsylvania.

AMI Essentials (Water, Gas)

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Why Your Water Utility Should Be Using Hydraulic Modeling

Why Your Water Utility Should Be Using Hydraulic Modeling

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Connecting Every Drop: Are Your Water-Loss And Conservation Efforts Up To Date?

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Address Water Resource Challenges by Digitalizing Your Distribution Network

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Improve Operations with Connected Endpoints

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Optimize and Efficiently Manage Your Water Distribution Network

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leaking pipe

Reduce NRW Loss and Enhance Customer Service

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Have someone contact me about how Itron water solutions can improve operational efficiency and reduce losses.

Featured Use Cases

image of orange pipe bursting

Operational Visibility

Identify, prioritize and take action to detect and reduce real and apparent losses.

Person typing on laptop with meter map

Smart Water Distribution Network Management

Combine networks and devices to manage leak detection, pressure management, flow analysis, demand forecasting, conservation management, hydraulic modeling simulation, pumping control, water quality and more.

Cloud-Based Meter Data Collection

Cloud-Based Meter Data Collection

Built on the cloud from the ground up, Temetra allows you to collect water, gas and electric data from a simple, secure and affordable web interface.

waterfront sidewalk view of city in evening

Leak Detection

Take the guesswork out of detecting potential leaks. Automatically and accurately adapt water pressure across water networks.

Wastewater Monitoring

Wastewater Monitoring

Remotely monitor wastewater flow patterns to optimize system performance, mitigate pollution, and improve public health.

Intelligent Connectivity

Intelligent Connectivity

Intelligent connectivity unlocks the potential of the industrial internet of things for energy, water, smart communities and more.

A unique focus on outcomes.

Only Itron takes an outcomes-focused approach to understand and address your non-revenue water business. Rely on us for a comprehensive approach to achieving your most pressing business goals by pairing the right device technology with a secure, reliable network and software that identifies inefficiencies, predicts and prevents problems, and more.

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analytics image with colorful bars and lines

Temetra Analysis

Optimize and efficiently manage water distribution networks.

hand extended in air with light connected graphic

Smart Meters

Trust the company that made AMI an industry standard.

street light

Platform-as-a-Service for Streetlights

Provide centralized monitoring, simplified control and real-time alerts for smart city applications without having to worry about designing, building or maintaining citywide communication networks

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The Itron Partner Ecosystem

Driving innovation is key to our shared success. Our open platform enables a diverse ecosystem of solutions from best-of-breed technology partners to encourage competition and increase choice.

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Delivery Services

Itron Global Delivery Services has more than a quarter-century of delivery service experience.


Managed Services

More than 1,000 utilities and 62 million endpoints leverage Itron Global Managed Services.

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The Reality Of Leaks: Cost-Effective Strategies For Real Water Loss Recovery

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Prepare Water Distribution Systems for Smart Cities

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Machine Learning: What Water Utilities Can Learn from the Power Industry

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Enhancing AMI Operational Efficiency

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