Industrial IoT

Intelligence for the industrial world.

Delivering smarter IIoT solutions to revolutionize energy, water and city services.

Connecting critical infrastructure for enhanced visibility and control.

Connectivity and intelligence enable the digital transformation of critical energy, water and city services. Itron's globally-proven, multi-purpose platform securely connects millions of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices around the world. With IIoT platforms suited for any combination of water, electricity and gas solutions, cities, utilities and critical infrastructure operators rely on us to help them deliver more efficient, reliable and resilient services.

Assured perfomance

Assured Performance & Reliability

With best-in-class grid edge technologies, we deliver industry-leading performance with unmatched reliability.


Flexibility & Interoperability

A standards-based platform enables seamless coordination across a diverse ecosystem of IIoT industry partner solutions, enabling new services that provide lasting value to consumers.

investment protection

Investment Protection & Longevity

With full backward and forward compatibility, our IoT devices and sensors are designed to last for decades.

Customer Successes

Positive Proof for Distributed Intelligence

Learn how Tampa Electric is exploring and validating the value of distributed intelligence and why DI apps surpassed the capabilities of cloud-based analytics.

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100% accuracy and 0 false positives in detecting meter bypass, residential neutral faults and high impedance.

Improving Resiliency, Reliability & Efficiency with a Unified Industrial IoT Platform for DA, AMI & Smart Cities

“The smart grid program is delivering on its promise to generate efficiencies and we are pleased to pass-along those savings to our customers by decreasing their electric delivery costs. The investments in the smart grid program are producing a stronger, more reliable system with fewer outages. Those results mean less operational costs and greater savings for our customers.” 

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$1.4 billion in societal savings from avoided outages

Building a Safe & Sustainable City with Intelligent Street Lighting

“Saving energy and promoting sustainable transportation are essential pillars of Copenhagen’s vision to become carbon neutral by 2025. By modernizing our street lighting infrastructure to intelligent LEDs, we have achieved significant energy savings of 76%. We are also excited about the potential to leverage this multi-purpose platform to enable next generation smart city use cases that encourage carbon-free transportation and protect pedestrians and cyclists on the roadways.”

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76% energy savings from upgrading to intelligent streetlights with IoT sensors

Catalyzing IoT Industry Innovation and Enhancing Safety with Methane Detectors

“These detectors can help save lives by using smart technology to communicate directly from a customer’s home to our emergency department. This is an important first-in-the-world safety initiative that leverages Itron’s IoT technology and underscores the advantages available through Con Edison’s smart meter network.”

21 incidents detected in the first 6-months of deployment

Itron Innovator Award

Calling all smart city and utility innovators! Has your city or utility implemented a breakthrough solution from Itron’s Partner Enablement Program? Join us virtually at Itron Inspire for the presentation of this award.

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Featured Use Cases

DA Electricity

Distribution Automation

Optimize real-time grid operations and improve asset management and planning with enhanced automation, visibility and control across your distribution network.


Temetra Analysis

Detect and reduce real and apparent water losses—including those in your distribution network and at customer sites. Identify and prioritize pipe maintenance and enable proactive communications with customers.

gas flame

Gas Disconnect

Remotely shut off gas service, enhance safety and transform gas operations with our compact solid-state Intelis gas meter.

streetlight at sunset

Smart Street Lighting

Reduce energy waste, improve safety and enhance operational efficiencies while laying the foundation for the city of the future.

Annapolis Case Study

Improving Public Safety with IoT Gunshot Detection

Itron and Databuoy partnered with Annapolis, MD to deploy a fully automated gunshot detection system with IoT sensors on the existing Itron smart streetlight network. This project shows that putting immediate intelligence in the hands of first responders can save lives.

cars in traffic

Traffic Monitoring

Monitor vehicle and pedestrian traffic in real-time to ease congestion, enhance road safety and improve planning.


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IoT Breakthrough Award: Wastewater Monitoring

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Accelerating IoT Innovation through the Itron Developer Program

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Evolution of AMI for Integrated Grid Management video

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