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Managed EV Charging

In order for transportation electrification to accelerate, the barriers for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging deployment need to be removed. Energy and power, as the new fuel cost, need to be managed for the utility and the end customer within an ecosystem of distributed energy resources (DERs) to ensure the economic benefits of vehicle electrification are realized. In addition, grid upgrades need to be intelligently planned to ensure project stakeholder needs are met for all parties.

Itron's focus is on accelerating EV charging deployments by ensuring that charging assets work in harmony with the grid. Our focus is on managed charging that ensures end customers manage their fuel costs (energy) and utilities protect the grid.

Itron supports electric vehicle (EV) charging program rollouts for our partners across the major charging segments:

In order to achieve the goal of accelerating charging deployments, we steadfastly support:

Electric Vehicles Itron is in the late stages of developing a real-time charging management platform and will have further announcements on this product in the coming months. The platform will operate at the intersection of EV charging and distributed energy resource management, and at its core will offer real-time analytics, control and optimization. We will support the platform with advisory and consulting, program management and technology deployment.

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