Virtual Forecasting 101 Training Workshop

Start:  6/12/2023

End:  6/15/2023

Location:  Virtual

Type:  Workshops

Primary Contact:  paige.schaefer@itron.com

Mark Quan, Mike Russo, Wyatt Workman, Paige Schaefer


New to energy forecasting? This introduction to the use of regression for forecasting applications is designed for analysts and managers who are new to the forecasting area and do not have a background in statistical analysis. Participation is limited to MetrixND users.


Participants will build sales/load forecasting models using linear regression. At the end of the virtual workshop, attendees will have a strong understanding of basic regression theory, how to apply it to energy forecasting applications, and how to use the model statistics to develop accurate forecasting models. No background in statistics is required, although it will be useful, as mathematical concepts will be taught.

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