Intelligent Infrastructure 2023

Start:  6/6/2023

End:  6/7/2023

Location:  Austin, TX

Type:  Conferences

Presenter:  Arup Barat and William Pugh

Primary Contact:  paige.schaefer@itron.com

Intelligent Infrastructure 2023

June 6-7, 2023


Arup Barat and William Pugh speaking on the Panel Building Intelligent Infrastructure to Support the Transition to Electric Vehicles


This annual conference will address one of the key opportunities of our time: how to digitise national infrastructure to prepare for the next generation of growth. “Intelligent Infrastructure is about moving one piece of information from one place to another. As the digital world grows, moving information will become as important as moving a load of goods. A sound and fair Intelligent Infrastructure is now as critical as rail and road infrastructures,” says Philippe Cases, CEO of Topio Networks. “Furthermore, integrated Intelligent Infrastructure combining rail, road, and digitalisation provides a new fundamental shared platform, which enables existing and new public services, effectively manages risks, creates a more resilient infrastructure, and does so in a way as carbon-free as possible. In addition, infrastructures working with each other will create significant business growth opportunities. We look forward to launching and hosting this annual conference where industry leaders will come together to discuss this new and massive disruptive opportunity.”


This year’s conference program addresses the critical challenges in making Intelligent Infrastructure a reality, including finding new models for collaboration on shared infrastructure, new models for sharing data, new approaches to standards, regulation, and compliance, and implementations of the latest technologies. The critical technology for Intelligent Infrastructure is edge computing, allowing data analysis close to its origin in an efficient and privacy-friendly manner.


Panel Discussion: Building Intelligent Infrastructure to Support the Transition to Electric Vehicles

June 6, 2023



  • Supporting the Migration to EVs
  • Infrastructure for Consumer Vehicles & Fleets
  • Integrating EVs into the Grid as Power Storage Devices
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