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Intelis FGBB03 DB SMETS2 Double Band

Smart Gas Meter

Itron's SMETS 2 solution comprises residential smart meters for electricity and gas measurement, serving the U.K. government's mandated smart meter rollout program. Drawing from a profound heritage in the region and renowned expertise in gas and electricity industries, Itron's SMETS2 solution blends the latest metrology with digital capabilities, supporting the shift to a cleaner and more flexible energy system in the U.K.

Long term accuracy and safety in a compact form factor.
Itron's SMETS2 Double Band Gas Meter leverages ultrasonic measurement principles of the Intelis platform in an eco-conscious compact form factor to deliver billing accuracy, advanced safety, and limited wear and tear for longer-lasting equipment.

Unique balance of technology and expertise.
Integrating EDMI's SMETS2-compliant firmware, Itron's SMETS2 Gas meter builds on decades of expertise in the gas industry by bringing established and innovative features together such as an enhanced coarse gas filtering system and an industry leading PTP design for greater durability into a unique product for the U.K. market.

Simplified installation & faster setup.
Itron's Intelis SMETS2 gas meters' auto-pairing and enhanced HAN performance enable expedited setup on-premises. In challenging radio environments, Itron's Intelis omnidirectional range feature can also help achieve a greater success rate for installation and upgrade procedures.

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