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EM425-UK2 SMETS2 4 Terminal

Smart Electricity Meter

Itron's SMETS 2 solution comprises residential smart meters for electricity and gas measurement, serving the U.K. government's mandated smart meter rollout program. Drawing from a profound heritage in the region and renowned expertise in gas and electricity industries, Itron's SMETS2 solution blends the latest metrology with digital capabilities, supporting the shift to a cleaner and more flexible energy system in the U.K.

Versatile solution for residential areas.
Itron's 4T electricity meter is a single contactor smart meter intended for applications in typical U.K. households. A versatile solution, suitable for most residential areas and installation configurations.

Simplified installation & assets management.
Itron's SMETS2 electricity meters share the same firmware images between 4 Terminal and 5 Terminal variants, simplifying on-site installation and inventory management. Also including auto-pairing and enhanced HAN performance features, Itron meters enable expedited setup on-premises whilst helping to achieve a greater success rate for installation and upgrade procedures.

Designed to last, beyond market requirements.
Itron's SMETS2 4T and 5T electricity meters are extensively tested beyond market requirements. Designed with future safety and endurance standards in mind, they are fully compliant to the latest IEC safety standards and vetted through accelerated life procedures exceeding recommended test scenarios.

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