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AMI Operations

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AMI Operations

Realize operational savings, understand the state of your system and apply corrective actions where and when needed.

Your business processes are now dependent on timely and accurate meter data. AMI systems provide data on millions of endpoints and your focus should be on meeting the needs of your customers; not on dealing with AMI data. AMI Operations Management provides the tools, integrated with state-of-the-art data management applications to deliver accurate functional capabilities that enhance AMI operational efficiencies while managing and operating these systems at scale. By integrating seamlessly into your business operations, we take the necessary steps to ensure operational excellence, making your job easier.

AMI Operations Management consists of various modules:
  • AMI Operations (GenX) utilizes smart meter data, meter events and configuration data to identify and diagnose meter data collection and delivery problems.
  • Meter Temperature Monitoring (GenX) uses meter temperature readings and/or high meter temperature events to identify meters reporting temperatures over a configurable threshold and provides statistics for assessing temperature history of the meter.
  • Network Operations (GenX) uses AMI network communications attributes network statistics to identify conditions that require operational attention.
  • Operations Optimizer Advanced (GenX) provides a full version of the AMI Operations and Revenue Assurance applications. In addition, this bundle includes Network Operations and Meter Temperature Monitoring use cases.
  • Operations Optimizer Essentials (GenX) provides an excellent introduction to the power of analytics. OO Essentials supports a subset AMI Operations, Revenue Assurance and Meter Temperature Monitoring use cases which allows a customer to get entry-level value with a lower-entry cost.
  • Performance Manager (OpenWay) provides the fundamental components and functional capabilities needed to more efficiently manage and operate an AMI system at scale through operational reporting with integrated visualization, SLA tracking, and automated fault detection and exception management.
  • Revenue Assurance (GenX) utilizes smart meter data, meter events and configuration data to protect against revenue leakage and other non-technical losses by analyzing transformer imbalances and identifying tampered or bypassed meters.

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