fev 21, 2024

Itron and Schneider Electric Join Forces to Modernize and Simplify Energy Distribution, Address Energy Transition

fev 20, 2024

Itron Launches Cloud Computing Platform, Taking Utilities to Next Level of Meter Data Management

fev 19, 2024

Itron integrates with Microsoft OpenAI for utility solutions

fev 15, 2024

RFID Journal News Roundup

fev 15, 2024

Itron to Integrate Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to Empower Utility Decision-Making

fev 14, 2024

Itron Unveils New Brand Identity, Ushering in New Era of Grid Edge Intelligence

fev 14, 2024

Itron to Showcase Innovative Grid Edge Intelligence Portfolio at DISTRIBUTECH 2024

fev 13, 2024

Itron Enterprise Edition Meter Data Management Now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

fev 06, 2024

GB’s Essex & Suffolk Water advances smart meter rollout

fev 02, 2024

One million LoRaWAN meters - Connexin wins 'largest UK water meter contract'

jan 31, 2024

Belgian Grid Operator to Improve Streetlight Efficiency with Itron’s Smart Street Lighting Solution

jan 31, 2024

Itron Teams Up with Lightwell to Deliver Smart Street Lighting Solution to Belgium’s Largest Grid Operator

jan 26, 2024

Xcel Energy starts 200,000 smart meter rollout in North and South Dakota

jan 22, 2024

Itron Expands Production of Aquadis+ Volumetric Water Meters to Indonesia

jan 18, 2024

INW tech companies buck broader DEI trend

jan 09, 2024

City of Lights and Insights: The Role of Streetlights as Smart Meters

jan 08, 2024

Grid modernisation top challenge for US utility executives

jan 05, 2024

How Itron Kept the Lights on with EV Energy Storage

jan 02, 2024

Embracing the Energy Transition: Navigating Toward a Sustainable Future

dez 19, 2023

Q&A: Improving the Customer Experience with Software and Tech

dez 14, 2023

Microgrids a Win for Both Owners and Grid Operators

dez 13, 2023

Successful Energy Transition Hinges on Collaboration with Consumers, Regulators

nov 28, 2023

How the right insights, in the right places, can leverage intelligence to uncover new possibilities

nov 20, 2023

Smart meters - the most important 'thing' in the internet of things (a creation story)

nov 16, 2023

Q&A: Improving the Customer Experience with Software & Tech

nov 15, 2023

Itron Joins the Green Button Alliance to Help Advance Green Button Standard

nov 13, 2023

EVs, DERs & AMI 2.0 - Oh My!

nov 09, 2023

Optimizing Water Utility Operations Through Data-Driven Insights

nov 07, 2023

Energy transition needs a 'flatter (cellular IoT) architecture,' says Kigen

nov 03, 2023

Driving Towards Sustainable Water Management: Challenges And Strategies For Water Utilities

nov 02, 2023

Itron's Review Shows Angst Over Grid Modernization, Decarbonization

nov 02, 2023

Itron Announces Third Quarter 2023 Financial Results

nov 01, 2023

Ten Commissioners Talk Transition

out 31, 2023

Tampa Electric Company wins 2023 Itron innovator award for advancing public safety and load management solutions

out 28, 2023

Alectra Utilities deploys grid modernisation metering tech

out 27, 2023

Alectra to Deploy Itrons Distributed Intelligence Technology for Grid Modernization

out 27, 2023

Grid modernisation top challenge for US utility executives

out 27, 2023

Less than half of US utilities are taking part in the energy transition

out 27, 2023

Grid modernisation top challenge for US utility executives

out 26, 2023

Canadian utility taps Itron for smart meters, IoT network

out 26, 2023

Are utilities confronting the challenges of the energy transition?

out 26, 2023

Tampa Electric Company Wins 2023 Itron Innovator Award for Advancing Public Safety and Load Management Solutions

out 25, 2023

Itron’s Advanced Settlement Module Provides High Granularity, Industry-Leading Integration and Complete Energy Market Coverage

out 25, 2023

Itron Report Reveals Current State of Energy Transition Amongst U.S. Utilities

out 25, 2023

Report Reveals Current State of Energy Transition Among U.S. Utilities

out 25, 2023

Utilities, regulators mostly embrace energy transition, report finds

out 25, 2023

Itron Releases 2023 Resourcefulness Insight Report on Energy Transition

out 24, 2023

Alectra to Deploy Itron's Distributed Intelligence Technology for Grid Modernization

out 24, 2023

Temperatures are Rising: Can the Power Grid Keep Up?

out 20, 2023

RFID News Roundup: Anterix Validates Itron LTE Devices

out 16, 2023

Distribution Grid Anomaly Detection Using Smart Meters

out 13, 2023

How the Adoption of IoT Will Play a Fundamental Role in Transforming the American Power Grid

out 11, 2023

Top 10 Smart Grid Companies

out 09, 2023

Itron Network Devices Validated by Anterix Active Ecosystem

out 05, 2023

Itron Announces Conference Schedule for Itron Inspire 2023

out 05, 2023

Talking to the Cloud

set 07, 2023

Itron to aid Jordan Electric Power Company's digital transformation

set 06, 2023

Itron and Jordan Electric Power Company Sign Contract to Advance the Company’s Digital Transformation

ago 31, 2023

Itron's fortunes rise with electrification trend

ago 29, 2023

Preparing the Energy Grid for EVs with IoT

ago 17, 2023

Electric Utilities in Digitalization - What to Know

ago 14, 2023

Incorporating Managed Charging into Fleet Electrification for a Sustainable Future

ago 08, 2023

Summer energy surge: The importance of demand response programs in grid resilience

ago 08, 2023

Itron Completes Technology Transfer to Sui Southern Gas Company in Pakistan

ago 07, 2023

Smart manufacturers evolving within smart cities

ago 03, 2023

Itron Announces Second Quarter 2023 Financial Results

ago 02, 2023

Utilities Face Security Challenges as They Embrace Data in New Ways

jul 31, 2023

TECO Achieves Highly Reliable Power Grid Service with Advanced Technology

jul 31, 2023

Can Glaciers Solve Water Shortages?

jul 25, 2023

Itron Invites Nominations for Fifth Annual Itron Innovator Award

jul 24, 2023

Itron Appoints Sanjay Mirchandani to Board of Directors

jul 13, 2023

Migrating from AMR to AMI

jul 13, 2023

What Should Organizations Know About the Radio Equipment Directive?

jul 10, 2023

Getting Smart at the Edge: AMI and Distributed Intelligence

jul 03, 2023

Fighting Water Scarcity - How Utilities Can Step In

jun 22, 2023

Itron Inspire 2023 to Gather Industry Leaders to Accelerate the Energy Transition

jun 07, 2023

Itron Expanding Oconee County Operations

jun 06, 2023

Itron unveils Edge Gateway to help improve utility digitalization

jun 05, 2023

Itron Expands Distributed Intelligence Platform with Versatile Edge Gateway to Accelerate Utility Digitalization

jun 02, 2023

Itron unveils 2022 Environmental Social Governance Report

jun 01, 2023

Itron Unveils 2022 Environmental Social Governance Report

jun 01, 2023

Itron Unveils 2022 Environmental Social Governance Report

jun 01, 2023

Itron Unveils 2022 Environmental Social Governance Report

mai 31, 2023

Itron Gathers Customers, Partners and Industry Thought Leaders at Itron Inspire Africa

mai 25, 2023

Top 10: Smart Grid Companies

mai 22, 2023

The latest advancements in next-generation AMI: Toward a net-zero future.

mai 14, 2023

Smart water boosts resilience for post-hurricane recovery

mai 10, 2023

Itron Accelerates Digital Transformation of Water Utilities in Australia and New Zealand

mai 09, 2023

The effects of the EPA's electric-vehicle regulations on the electric grid

mai 09, 2023

Border States Names its 2022 Suppliers of the Year

mai 08, 2023

Itron ships one millionth smart gas meter

mai 04, 2023

Itron Announces First Quarter 2023 Financial Results

mai 02, 2023

Every Drop Counts

mai 01, 2023

Itron ships 1 millionth Intelis ultrasonic smart gas meter

mai 01, 2023

The Experts on Turbines, Grid Connections, Distribution Data

mai 01, 2023

Itron Celebrates 1 Millionth Intelis Ultrasonic Gas Meter Shipment at 2023 AGA Operations Conference

abr 26, 2023

Future-Proof Your Water Meter Technology with AMI

abr 24, 2023

More EVs means more smart energy meters, systems

abr 20, 2023

Uncovering Low-Voltage Network Management Trends & Challenges

abr 19, 2023

Celebrating Earth Day with Resources from Discovery Education

abr 16, 2023

Utilities Share Illinois Internet of Things Network

abr 03, 2023

Water Industry Trends: Non-Revenue Water and Climate Change

mar 30, 2023

January's historic California storms illustrate the need for improved grid resilience

mar 29, 2023

Abbanoa to Deploy Itron's Ultrasonic Water Meters for Massive Replacement Campaign in Sardinia, Italy

mar 29, 2023

Italy uses Smart Meters to Conserve Water for a Sustainable Future

mar 27, 2023

Abbanoa to deploy Itron's smart water meters in Sardinia, Italy

mar 24, 2023

Sardinia deploys smart water meters to support sustainable usage

mar 23, 2023

Italy's Abbanoa advances Sardinian smart water meter campaign

mar 23, 2023

Italian Water Distributor, Abbanoa, to Deploy Itron’s Next Generation Ultrasonic Water Meter for Massive Replacement Campaign on Island

mar 22, 2023

Italian Water Distributor, Abbanoa, to Deploy Itron's Next Generation Ultrasonic Water Meter for Massive Replacement Campaign on Island

mar 22, 2023

World Water Day 2023: Accelerating Change

mar 20, 2023

World Water Day 2023: Accelerating Change

mar 15, 2023

Energy security is most exciting area of IoT technology development, according to Wi-SUN Alliance smart utilities survey

mar 13, 2023

Getting California Water Consumption Back to Pre-Pandemic Levels

mar 11, 2023

WEC Energy units and ComEd to share Itron metering network

mar 10, 2023

Fuengirola chosen by the technology multinational Itron to hold its annual innovation congress

mar 10, 2023

Duquesne Light to improve operational efficiency with smart lights

mar 08, 2023

Illinois utilities are sharing AMI to improve meter reading

mar 08, 2023

Itron Signs Contract To Transform Water Operations In Indonesia's Fully Integrated Industrial Estate

mar 08, 2023

Duquesne Light Company to Improve Operational Efficiency with Itron’s Smart Street Lighting Solution

mar 08, 2023

Illinois utilities modernise by sharing metering network

mar 08, 2023

Illinois utilities modernise by sharing metering network

mar 08, 2023

ComEd to share its communication network with neighboring utilities

mar 07, 2023

Illinois Utilities Share Itron AMI Network to Support Meter Modernization

mar 07, 2023

2023 Most Influential Executives in Diversity & Inclusion

mar 07, 2023

Itron wins contract from MMID Indonesia

mar 06, 2023

Itron Signs Contract to Transform Water Operations in Indonesia’s Fully Integrated Industrial Estate

mar 05, 2023

Itron Unveils Fiber Mini Access Point for Rural Smart Communities

mar 02, 2023

Itron Unveils the Future of Rural Smart Communities with New Fiber Mini Access Point Featuring Intelligent Connectivity

mar 02, 2023

Product News: Itron's Fiber MiniAP

mar 02, 2023

Product News: Itron's Fiber MiniAP

mar 01, 2023

EVs will be the catalyst of the energy transformation

fev 27, 2023

Itron Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2022 Financial Results and 2023 Guidance

fev 18, 2023

Addressing Cybersecurity Concerns During the Grid Modernization Process

fev 14, 2023

Data and creativity can help solve the energy transition's biggest challenges, say DISTRIBUTECH keynote speakers

fev 08, 2023

Itron edge intelligence card for third-party devices

fev 07, 2023

Why transforming consumer engagement with demand response is key for utilities' net-zero plans

fev 06, 2023

Future Power Grids: Energy Storage and Distribution

fev 02, 2023

Sense Joins Itron’s Expanding Ecosystem of Distributed Intelligence Partners

fev 02, 2023

Itron Named a Visionary in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Managed IoT Connectivity Services, Worldwide

fev 01, 2023

Itron Expands Collaboration with Smart Energy Water (SEW) to Transform the Consumer Experience

jan 31, 2023

3 ways to stop cybersecurity concerns from hindering utility infrastructure modernization efforts

jan 31, 2023

Itron Expands Distributed Intelligence Platform to Accelerate Energy Transition

jan 31, 2023

Managing the Wave: Utilities are Investing in Low-voltage Network Management Systems

jan 25, 2023

Severn Trent launches phase two of smart water network rollout

jan 24, 2023

Looking west for inspiration: Lessons learned from California’s adoption of EVs

jan 20, 2023

Yorkshire Water targets smart water metering for new housing

jan 17, 2023

2023 IEEE PES Grid Edge Technologies Conference & Exposition

jan 13, 2023

Qatar utility upgrades Itron meter data management for thermal operations

jan 11, 2023

How Much Has COVID Changed California Water Usage?

jan 10, 2023

Making cities safer with smart technology

jan 10, 2023

Itron Collaborates with Qatar Cool to Enhance Thermal Energy Operations in the Middle East

jan 05, 2023

What does the future hold for EVs and smart city technologies in 2023?

dez 19, 2022

Celebrating Energy Central's Top Voices in the Community for 2022 – EnergyBiz® Network

dez 19, 2022

Itron to Modernize Electricity Utility, Infrastructure in Gainesville, Florida

dez 13, 2022

Itron Signs Contract to Modernize Electricity, Gas and Water Infrastructure in Gainesville, Florida

dez 12, 2022

Increasing Real-Time Data Analytics

dez 08, 2022

Baltimore Gas & Electric to Deploy 260,000 Itron Smart Streetlights

nov 30, 2022

Itron Releases Next Generation Ultrasonic Prepayment Gas Meter

nov 21, 2022

Singapore to connect 300,000 Itron smart water meters

nov 19, 2022

Itron powers smart water metering in Singapore

nov 17, 2022

Itron announces smart water metering deployment in Singapore

nov 16, 2022

Data Analytics Is an Essential Step in Current Utility Operations

nov 15, 2022

SP Group's industrial IoT network to connect 300K smart water meters

nov 15, 2022

How A Shared Advanced Metering Infrastructure Network Canopy Puts Affordability, Sustainability, And Customer Service First

nov 14, 2022

Itron Network Canopy to be Deployed in Singapore for Smart Water Metering

nov 03, 2022

Itron Announces Third Quarter 2022 Financial Results

out 30, 2022

How safety is becoming one of the most critical smart city applications

out 27, 2022

Top 100 Leaders 2022

out 17, 2022

Itron Inspire 22: That's a Wrap

out 12, 2022

Managing grid equilibrium during extreme weather

out 11, 2022

Itron Appoints Mary Hemmingsen to Board of Directors

out 10, 2022

Inspiring intelligence all the way down to the edge: The autonomic grid

out 05, 2022

Itron’s Solutions to Digitally Transform Warwickshire into a Smart Water Region

set 29, 2022

Amazon's Turning Alexa into the Brains of the Home

set 28, 2022

Itron's IIoT and Samsung's smart platform link for utility-scale DERMS

set 27, 2022

Itron partners with SmartThings to focus on utility energy analytics

set 27, 2022

Samsung pairs SmartThings with Itron for utility win

set 27, 2022

City of London Corporation Wins Itron Innovator Award

set 26, 2022

Data, Smart Cities Key to Future Grid Investment, Reliability

set 26, 2022

New report focuses on real-time data for grid management

set 26, 2022

ITRON: Utility execs deeply value data analytics

set 26, 2022

Report: The criticality of real time data analytics for utilities, cities and customers

set 26, 2022

Itron and SmartThings Join Forces to Unlock Utility Energy Analytics for Carbon Reduction

set 26, 2022

Itron Report Reveals Real-time Data Analytics is Critical to Utilities, Cities and Consumers

set 22, 2022

Itron Releases Next Generation Ultrasonic Water Meter for Improved Accuracy and Enhanced System Visibility

set 19, 2022

Beneath the Surface: After the Storm

set 16, 2022

Turning Behind-the-Meter DERs into Grid Assets: Opportunities, Challenges and Principles for Success

set 15, 2022

EV adoption is skyrocketing. Is the grid prepared?

set 13, 2022

Why Your Water Utility Should Be Using Hydraulic Modeling

set 08, 2022

Gearing Up for Itron Inspire 2022: Conference Schedule Now Available

set 06, 2022

Why the Inflation Reduction Act is the action manufacturers needed

set 06, 2022

The Company behind the Integrated Platform for the Energy and Transportation Ecosystem

set 01, 2022

How Local Governments Can Encourage Residents to Make Smart Energy Choices

ago 30, 2022

With blackouts in the forecast, can the grid take the heat?

ago 28, 2022

How to Launch a Smart Metering System

ago 24, 2022

How to Prevent Downtime as the Temperature Heats Up

ago 22, 2022

Solving real-world problems at the edge of the grid

ago 16, 2022

Co-Creating the Talent Pipeline for the Future

ago 04, 2022

Itron Announces Second Quarter 2022 Financial Results and Updated Full-Year 2022 Guidance

jul 27, 2022

Itron Accepting Nominations for Fourth Annual Itron Innovator Award

jul 25, 2022

Water Utilities Wave in Smart City Technology

jul 20, 2022

Itron Launches New Sales Channel Partner Program for Asia-Pacific Region

jul 12, 2022

Itron, United Systems & Software and Sevier County Utility District to Optimize Natural Gas Operations in Tennessee

jul 08, 2022

The Energy Gang Podcast: The Future of Cleantech

jul 07, 2022

Smart Water Network: Electrifying the Future with IoT

jul 07, 2022

Smart Water Network: Electrifying the Future with IoT

jun 30, 2022

Urban Digital Twins Hype Becomes Reality

jun 29, 2022

Itron Signs Contract with Energy Queensland to Deploy Itron’s Mobile Meter Management Solution

jun 28, 2022

Join Smart City and Utility Industry Leaders for Second Annual Itron Inspire APAC

jun 22, 2022

Itron Inspire 2022 to Gather Industry Leaders in Person for First Time in Three Years

jun 20, 2022

Grid Operators Face an Increasingly Complex Job

jun 16, 2022

Gender Diversity on INW's Public Company Board is Sought, but Elusive

jun 15, 2022

Cellular Technology for Advanced Metering and the Internet of Things: the Time is Now

jun 14, 2022

Itron Ships 4 Millionth Distributed Intelligence-Enabled Meter to Texas-New Mexico Power

jun 13, 2022

Droughts, Pandemics, Recessions, And More: How Machine Learning Can Help Water Utilities Prepare

jun 08, 2022

Itron Commits to 2035 Goals

jun 07, 2022

Itron’s 2021 Environmental Social Governance Report Highlights Industry Need for Efficient Management of Energy and Water for Future Generations

mai 31, 2022

Sustainably Fueling the Future

mai 26, 2022

Is Your Utility Ready for the Next Major Weather Event? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Today

mai 25, 2022

Itron Teams with Microsoft, Motorola to Accelerate Decarbonization

mai 24, 2022

Past and Present US Energy Chiefs at Odds Over Net-Zero Targets

mai 23, 2022

DISTRIBUTECH International Gets Underway in Dallas

mai 23, 2022

Machine Learning: What Water Utilities Can Learn from the Power Industry

mai 19, 2022

Itron's DI Meters Integrate PayGo Solutions for Real-Time Energy Insights

mai 19, 2022

Itron Expands Collaboration with Microsoft to Accelerate the Energy Transition

mai 18, 2022

Get Ready, Get Set, Visibility at The Grid Edge

mai 17, 2022

Beyond Run to Fail: Redefining Low-Voltage Grid Management

mai 17, 2022

Itron's Ecosystem of Distributed Intelligence Applications Welcomes PayGo

mai 13, 2022

IIJA Buy American Requirements Radio Interview

mai 13, 2022

Meet Our Members: Nigel Hughes Introduces Itron

mai 13, 2022

Distributed Intelligence for a DER-Based Grid

mai 11, 2022

‘Made in America’ – An Analog Policy That Needs to Go Digital

mai 02, 2022

Itron Announces First Quarter 2022 Financial Results

abr 28, 2022

Paris Continues Smart Streetlight Ambitions Under Cielis

abr 26, 2022

How U.S. Utilities Can Jump-Start Their Journey Towards Real-Time Energy Insights

abr 22, 2022

'Get Real Day' and Other Earth Day Alternatives: Hamblen

abr 21, 2022

Smart Grids are a Powerful Idea

abr 14, 2022

Charging Management is Key to The EV Grid Integration Conundrum

abr 13, 2022

Itron Launches Online Partner Solution Marketplace

abr 13, 2022

Utilities Pilot DER Programs to Shave Peaks, Reward Customers

abr 06, 2022

Chicago Completes Largest Wireless Smart Streetlight Program in the US

abr 05, 2022

CenterPoint Energy to Further Modernize Its Natural Gas Distribution System with Itron Smart Meters

abr 05, 2022

Itron Chief Calls on Industry to Accept 'Sacred Obligation' to Society

abr 01, 2022

The Key to EV's: Charging Assets That Work in Harmony With The Grid

mar 30, 2022

Are Utilities Ready for Autonomous EV Charging Control?

mar 30, 2022

Charging Forward

mar 29, 2022

Itron and Emerson Collaborate to Offer Smart Thermostats for Demand Response Programs

mar 28, 2022

Itron And City of Fuengirola Work Together to Create a Smart City in Spain

mar 28, 2022

Digital Services Management Platform Implemented in Fuengirola

mar 23, 2022

Itron and Duke Energy Florida Collaborate to Deliver Managed EV Charging Program

mar 22, 2022

Itron and Duke Energy Florida Collaborate to Deliver Managed EV Charging Program

mar 16, 2022

Itron to Host Second-Annual Flagship Event in EMEA for Industry Visionaries

mar 15, 2022

Itron to Modernize Water Infrastructure in Tennessee

mar 08, 2022

Itron, Utilismart tackle metering, data gaps for small utilities with commercial, industrial customers

mar 04, 2022

Itron opens nominations for annual Excellence in Resourcefulness Awards

mar 04, 2022

Itron Inspire EMEA

mar 03, 2022

Itron Collaborates with Utilismart Corporation to Bring End-to-End Metering Solution for Canadian and U.S. Utilities

mar 02, 2022

Singapore Armed Forces Installing More Than 300 Smart Meters in 3 Camps to Cut Water, Electricity Use

mar 01, 2022

Leveraging AMI for the Low Voltage Landscape

fev 28, 2022

AMI Endpoints to Double in Six Years

fev 28, 2022

Dresser Utility Solutions Closes Agreement with Itron to Acquire Global Gas Regulator and European C&I Gas Metering and Stations Business

fev 28, 2022

Itron Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2021 Financial Results and 2022 Guidance

fev 23, 2022

Chicago Completes $160 Million Streetlight Project

fev 22, 2022

ESG Trendsetters: Itron

fev 21, 2022

Severn Trent Water to Develop Smart Water Network

fev 17, 2022

Itron SVP John Marcolini on NYC

fev 09, 2022

New Software Solution for EV Charging Management

fev 07, 2022

IoT Pilots Deliver Smart-City Capabilities for San Antonio

fev 07, 2022

Applications of Distributed Intelligence

fev 03, 2022

Itron Named a Visionary in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Managed IoT Connectivity Services, Worldwide

fev 02, 2022

Itron Launches First-of-its-Kind Software Solution for Comprehensive Management of Electric Vehicle Charging

jan 31, 2022

Interview with the President and CEO: Itron Inc

jan 30, 2022

The Digital Advance Leading the Reform of Utilities Supply

jan 29, 2022

Renewable Energy is Leading the Way in the 'New Utilities'

jan 28, 2022

NET2GRID Joins Itron's Ecosystem of Distributed Intelligence Applications

jan 28, 2022

Charging Ahead—The Future Effects of Electric Vehicles on Today's Utilities Providers

jan 26, 2022

NET2GRID Successfully Joins Itron’s Ecosystem of Distributed Intelligence Applications

jan 25, 2022

Distributed Intelligence: Embedding the Consumer in the Energy Equation and Powering the Future

jan 25, 2022

Accelerating Toward a Reliable and Resilient 2022

jan 24, 2022

How Distributed Intelligence Demonstrates Value

jan 24, 2022

Illuminating the City of Light

jan 20, 2022

Itron’s Intelis 250 Smart Gas Meter Receives Approval from Measurement Canada

jan 18, 2022

Renewables' Share of U.S. Power Will Keep Upward Trajectory

jan 17, 2022

Unpicking the New Utilities Paradigm

jan 12, 2022

Itron Signs Contract with Electricity Supply Board to Optimize Operations in Ireland

jan 10, 2022

2022 GovTech 100

jan 10, 2022

Regulators Soften Their Stance on Prepay Billing as Customer Interest Grows

jan 05, 2022

Malaysian Utility Signs 15-year Contract with Itron to Deploy and Operate Industrial IoT Network

dez 23, 2021

Top 5 Smart Meter Breakthroughs Witnessed in 2021

dez 17, 2021

Ushering in the Next Era of Grid Modernization

dez 16, 2021

Itron Deploys Smart Streetlighting with Partners in Belgium

dez 15, 2021

Preparing for Tomorrow's Energy Landscape with Distributed Intelligence

dez 15, 2021

Itron Collaborates with EQUANS to Create Smart Cities in Belgium

dez 15, 2021

How Safety Became One of The Most Critical Smart City Applications

dez 07, 2021

SAWS Board Approves Largest Smart Water Meter Rollout in Nation

dez 03, 2021

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill: Keeping America Moving

nov 19, 2021

Texas Plans to Become the Bitcoin Capital, Vulnerable Power Grid and All

nov 12, 2021

Active Management of EV Chargers is Mission Critical for Energy Utilities

nov 12, 2021

Collaborate to Protect Cybersecurity Along Energy Supply Chain

nov 09, 2021

Itron Launches Smart Payment Solution in North America

nov 05, 2021

Working Toward a Clean Energy Future

nov 04, 2021

Itron Announces Third Quarter 2021 Financial Results

nov 03, 2021

Dresser Utility Solutions to Acquire Itron’s Global Gas Regulator and European C&I Gas Metering Business

nov 02, 2021

What Stands in the Way of Mass EV Adoption?

nov 01, 2021

Grid Modernization: The Key to Providing Resilient and Reliable Services

nov 01, 2021

How Acoustic Leak-Sensing Devices And Data Analytics Can Save Billions Of Gallons Of Water

out 25, 2021

Itron's Matthew Smith Explains How to Avoid Wildfires

out 25, 2021

Water Online Newsletter: Make Every Drop Count

out 20, 2021

Matthew Smith of Itron on Fire Prevention

out 14, 2021

How US Utilities are Leveraging IIoT for Smarter and Safer Cities

out 08, 2021

Connecting Every Drop: Are Your Water-Loss And Conservation Efforts Up To Date?

out 08, 2021

Embedding Resilience in a Climate of Change

out 08, 2021

Controlling EV Charge Loads to Minimise Impact on the Grid

out 07, 2021

PEI Connect: Time to Put a Price on Carbon

out 06, 2021

Con Edison's Future Plans for Advanced Gas Metering Infrastructure

out 06, 2021

Frost & Sullivan Honors Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and Las Vegas Valley Water District with Excellence in Resourcefulness Awards

out 06, 2021

Itron Announces CPS Energy as 2021 Innovator Award Winner

out 05, 2021

Itron 2021 Resourcefulness Report Highlights Growing Need for Resilience Planning

out 04, 2021

Itron Report Reveals Heightened Need for Resilient and Reliable Grid in the Face of Climate Disruption

out 04, 2021

Distributed Intelligence is at the Center of Consumer Energy Management

out 03, 2021

Distributed Intelligence: Empower Consumer Control and Uncover New Possibilities

set 30, 2021

Policy: The Driving Force Behind Sustainable Transition

set 28, 2021

Zpryme and Itron Announce the 2021 Power Pitch Competition Winners

set 10, 2021

Making a Business Case for More Intelligence at the Grid Edge

set 07, 2021

DEWA Develops Integrated Smart Energy Grid Using Wi-SUN Technology

ago 23, 2021

Itron Inspire 2021 Now Virtual Only, Conference Schedule Available

ago 17, 2021

Turning Utilities into Network Service Providers is Smart

ago 09, 2021

Smart City Technology Drives Efficient Disaster Response and Recovery

ago 05, 2021

Itron Announces Second Quarter 2021 Financial Results and Updated Full-Year 2021 Guidance

ago 01, 2021

Utilities are Struggling to Keep the Lights on as Fires, Drought Plague California

jul 28, 2021

A Year of Fire and Ice Has Proven Grid Modernization Cannot Wait

jul 22, 2021

Smart City Technology Improves Community Safety Efforts in 2021 and Beyond

jul 21, 2021

The Partner Program Pitch: Itron Engage

jul 19, 2021

Grid Resiliency Q&A

jul 15, 2021

Itron Expands Distributed Intelligence Ecosystem with Grid4C App

jul 14, 2021

SWAN Corner: Unlock Data To Improve Water Distribution System Operations

jul 14, 2021

Grid4C’s Grid Edge AI Successfully Joins Itron’s Ecosystem of Distributed Intelligence Applications

jul 05, 2021

How IIoT is Delivering Predictive Analytics and Resilience to Electric Utilities

jun 29, 2021

Itron Signs Contract with United Utilities in England to Optimize Operations

jun 24, 2021

Itron Accepting Nominations for Third Annual Itron Innovator Award

jun 24, 2021

Making a Business Case for More Intelligence at the Grid Edge

jun 23, 2021

Itron Supports Energy Savings in Colorado with Grid Interactive Water Heater Program

jun 22, 2021

Itron Inspire 2021 to Gather Industry Leaders for Hybrid Conference

jun 16, 2021

Itron Enterprise Edition™ Meter Data Management System Again Achieves SAP® Certification as Integrated with SAP S/4HANA®

jun 15, 2021

Itron to Deliver LoRaWAN-enabled Smart Water Networks in Germany

jun 14, 2021

Itron’s 2020 Environmental Social Governance Report Highlights Industry Infrastructure Support, Driving Greater Efficiency

jun 08, 2021

Itron and digimondo Collaborate to Integrate Itron’s Cyble 5 Modules with digimondo’s IoT Software Solution

jun 03, 2021

AMI 2.0: A Catalyst for Expanding Consumer Relationships and Benefits

jun 03, 2021

Itron Appoints Santiago Perez to Board of Directors

jun 01, 2021

Developing a Water Management Strategy for Drought and Fire Season

mai 25, 2021

Itron: A Legacy of Innovation

mai 25, 2021

From Inspiration to Innovation

mai 19, 2021

Global Industrial IoT Leader Consolidates Communication Channels Around the World on Microsoft Teams

mai 17, 2021

First Big Step to Building a Modern Energy Grid Nears Completion

mai 13, 2021

Itron and Microsoft Partner to Expand AMI Use Cases for Utilities

mai 13, 2021

Leveraging Itron AMI To Identify & Repair Leaks In North Miami Beach

mai 12, 2021

Itron Collaborates with Microsoft to Provide Highly Scalable and Performant Cloud-based Meter Data Management Services

mai 06, 2021

Five Trends to Shape the Distributed Energy Resources Market Through 2050

mai 04, 2021

The Role of Distributed Intelligence in Addressing Grid Challenges

mai 04, 2021

Itron Extends Contract to Deliver Demand Response Program in Maryland

mai 03, 2021

Managing Water In The Face Of Natural Disasters

mai 03, 2021

Itron Announces First Quarter 2021 Financial Results

abr 27, 2021

Itron CEO Joins the GridWise Alliance Grid Infrastructure Advisory Council

abr 26, 2021

The COVID-19 Pandemic and its Impact in the Smart City Field

abr 26, 2021

Electric Company Smart Meter Deployments: Foundation for a Smart Grid

abr 23, 2021

Top Six Utility Benefits for Deploying Distributed Intelligence

abr 23, 2021

Why Personalisation is Key to Public Sector Marketing

abr 21, 2021

Can Smart Lampposts Help Stop the Spread of Covid-19?

abr 07, 2021

City Smart

abr 05, 2021

Water System Operator is Cutting NRW Losses Down to Size

mar 31, 2021

Itron and Con Edison Achieve Utility Network Milestone

mar 30, 2021

Itron Launches Residential Smart Electricity Meter for German Market

mar 30, 2021

Itron Named a Visionary in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed IoT Connectivity Services, Worldwide

mar 25, 2021

AI Makes Edge and IoT Smarter

mar 24, 2021

Itron to Host Regional Itron Utility Week in Asia-Pacific

mar 23, 2021

Real-time AMI Data Helps Utilities Anticipate Power Needs

mar 23, 2021

Itron Expands Sales Channel Partner Program to EMEA

mar 22, 2021

Frost & Sullivan Opens Nominations for Itron Excellence in Resourcefulness Awards

mar 20, 2021

Tips for a Successful Utility Grid Modernisation Programme

mar 18, 2021

10 Ways Enterprises Can Use the Edge

mar 17, 2021

Time for smarter PMs: How Intelligent Technologies are Improving Preventive Maintenance Routines

mar 16, 2021

Industry Trends and the 3 D's in Europe

mar 15, 2021

Welsh Utility Signs Contract with Itron to Improve Water Data Management

mar 13, 2021

3 Companies Building the Next-Generation Energy Grid

mar 08, 2021

Itron Announces $400 Million Convertible Senior Notes

mar 08, 2021

Itron Announces Launch of Follow-on Public Offering

mar 02, 2021

Itron Wins “Public Safety Innovation of the Year” IoT Breakthrough Award for Third Consecutive Year

mar 02, 2021

Itron: Addressing Changes and Empowering Innovation in EMEA

mar 01, 2021

How Wireless Mesh Networking is Helping the City of London Become a Smart City

fev 26, 2021

City of London Tests Waters in Use of IoT

fev 24, 2021

Itron Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2020 Financial Results and 2021 Guidance

fev 18, 2021

Itron to Host First Itron Utility Week for Smart City and Utility Leaders in EMEA

fev 17, 2021

Bsquare and Itron Extend Agreement to Advance Industrial IoT Innovation

fev 17, 2021

Wi-SUN Alliance Global Membership Up 20% as Demand Grows for Industrial IoT and Smart City Applications

fev 14, 2021

Here Are the 100 Most Sustainable Companies Right Now

fev 09, 2021

Smart Cities in Challenging Times

jan 26, 2021

Itron to Improve Water Efficiency and Reduce Water Losses in Moldova

jan 23, 2021

How Cities and Utilities are Prioritising Technology to Address Challenges

jan 22, 2021

Itron Signs Smart Metering Deals with Versant Power and Pacific Northern Gas

jan 22, 2021

Mainers Getting an Upgraded Electricity Network with AMI from Itron

jan 19, 2021

Itron and Versant Power Collaborate to Modernize Electricity Grid in Maine

jan 14, 2021

Canadian Gas Utility Selects Itron's Automated Meter Reading System

jan 12, 2021

Itron to Modernize Natural Gas Distribution System at Pacific Northern Gas NE in British Columbia

jan 11, 2021

IoT Breakthrough Recognizes Standout Internet-of-Things Companies in 5th Annual IoT Breakthrough Awards Program

dez 22, 2020

Three-Dimensional ROI: Getting More Than Just Dollars From Your Smart Water Network

dez 17, 2020

Q&A: Smart City Lab Shapes the Future of Energy Infrastructure

dez 09, 2020

Itron Automates National Grid's Data Aggregation, Calculation and Reporting

dez 08, 2020

CPS Energy And The City Of San Antonio Forge Smart City Agreement With AT&T And Itron

nov 25, 2020

NARUC News Interview: Itai Dadon, Itron

nov 23, 2020

Itron: Listening For Leaks

nov 19, 2020

Energy Leadership Summit: Mark de Vere White Keynote

nov 19, 2020

Energy Leadership Summit: Grid Reliability Panel

nov 17, 2020

Itron Signs Contract with National Grid to Automate Delivery of Data to Independent System Operators

nov 16, 2020

CPS Energy's Smart City Partner, Itron, Contributes To REAP

nov 16, 2020

The Key to Thwarting Non-Revenue Water? Understanding It

nov 12, 2020

Itron Achieves Record Registration at First-Ever Virtual Itron Utility Week

nov 11, 2020

The Reality Of Leaks: Cost-Effective Strategies For Real Water Loss Recovery

nov 02, 2020

Itron Announces Third Quarter 2020 Financial Results and Operational Update

out 29, 2020

The Rise of Renewables - Managing the Impact on the Grid

out 29, 2020

Itron Announces Western Power as 2020 Innovator Award Winner

out 28, 2020

NB Power Selects Itron to Modernize Electricity Grid in Northeastern Canada

out 27, 2020

The Possibilities of Distributed Intelligence are Endless

out 27, 2020

Itron to Modernize Electricity Grid at New Brunswick Power in Northeastern Canada

out 27, 2020

Frost & Sullivan Recognizes CPS Energy and BRK Ambiental with Excellence in Resourcefulness Awards at Itron Utility Week

out 26, 2020

Itron Unveils Lineup for Virtual Itron Utility Week 2020

out 09, 2020

Smart Streetlights Controls Installed in Innovation Districts

out 06, 2020

Intro to an IRO: Ken Gianella, Itron

out 05, 2020

Con Edison and Itron Continue to Innovate Natural Gas Delivery in New York

set 29, 2020

Distributed Intelligence Keeps Utilities in Control of Changing Grids

set 23, 2020

City of San Antonio and CPS Energy Install First "Smart Streetlight Controls" Within Brooks Innovation Zone

set 22, 2020

Zpryme Announces 2020 Utility Industry Spotlight Award Winners

set 15, 2020

GridWise Alliance Launches Grid Investments for Economic Recovery Initiative

set 08, 2020

Innovating the EV-Transformer Challenge

set 03, 2020

Itron Announces Call for Nominations for Second Annual Innovator Award

ago 31, 2020

Utilities Forecasting with AMI Amid COVID-19

ago 31, 2020

Where's the Return on Investment?

ago 28, 2020

A Reflection on the Meaning of Resilient Cities

ago 26, 2020

Smart City and Utility Industry Leaders to Convene for First-Ever Virtual Itron Utility Week 2020

ago 18, 2020

Itron Receives 2020 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award

ago 06, 2020

Defining the Next Frontier: Distributed Intelligence

ago 03, 2020

Itron Announces Second Quarter 2020 Financial Results and Provides Update on COVID-19

jul 24, 2020

Wi-SUN technology provides the platform for City of London Smart City Initiative

jul 19, 2020

American Business Awards Recognises Itron for Natural Gas Detectors

jul 16, 2020

Itron Honored as Gold Stevie® Award Winner in 2020 American Business Awards®

jul 16, 2020

Winners of the 2020 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Awards Announced

jul 16, 2020

Itron Recognized for Methane Gas Detectors Developed With Con Edison and New Cosmos USA

jul 02, 2020

Wi-SUN Alliance Members Demonstrate FAN Interoperability at DistribuTECH 2020

jun 30, 2020

How To Rebuild A More Sustainable Economy Post-Covid

jun 30, 2020

Is Transitioning From AMR To AMI Worth The Effort?

jun 30, 2020

Wi-SUN Alliance Announces Further Growth and Strengthens Global Membership

jun 30, 2020

What's Next for Miami-Dade County's Smart SSO Sensors

jun 26, 2020

Itron Releases Environmental Social Governance Report

jun 25, 2020

Itron Closes Agreement with Accell as Lead Distributor in Latin America

jun 22, 2020

Itron Releases 2019 Environmental Social Governance Report

jun 17, 2020

Itron Partners with Accell as Lead Distributor in Latin America

jun 14, 2020

Residential Electricity Use -- and Bills -- on the Rise Thanks to More Working from Home

jun 10, 2020

New Itron Engage Sales Channel to Grow Partnerships

jun 09, 2020

Itron Launches New Global Sales Channel Partner Program

jun 05, 2020

Virtual Reality, Conservation & Kids - Sharelynn Moore, Itron

mai 29, 2020

Itron and EDMI to Launch SMETS2 Gas Meter for UK Market

mai 28, 2020

Itron and EDMI Collaborate to Launch SMETS2 Gas Meter in the UK

mai 28, 2020

Miami-Dade County Deploys Advanced Wastewater Solution

mai 28, 2020

Miami-Dade Deploys IoT Solution From Itron for Waste Water Management

mai 27, 2020

Itron and Discovery Education Present the 'Internet of Things' Virtual Field Trip

mai 27, 2020

Miami-Dade County Water & Sewer, Itron and US3 Deploy Advanced Wastewater Solution

mai 26, 2020

Lockdowns Are Pushing up Home Electric Bills, and Air Conditioning Season Is Hardly Here Yet

mai 15, 2020

Keybank Partners With Itron for 'Smart Cities' Financing

mai 14, 2020

Entergy's Natural Gas Customers Getting New Tools Through Meter Upgrades

mai 14, 2020

Itron: Innovating Cities and Utilities With DERMS

mai 13, 2020

Itron Launches Programme to Fund Smart City Projects

mai 13, 2020

Itron Receives OpenADR Certification for its Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS)

mai 12, 2020

As COVID-19 Quarantines Continue, U.S. Residential Power Consumption Changes

mai 11, 2020

Temetra For Cloud-Based Meter Data Collection

mai 06, 2020

Itron Announces Innovative Gas Technology for Gen5 Network

mai 05, 2020

Partnership Aims to Lower the Cost Barriers to Entry for Smart City Programmes

mai 04, 2020

Itron Announces First Quarter 2020 Financial Results and Provides Update on COVID-19

mai 04, 2020

Key Equipment Finance and Itron Introduce a Flexible Financing Program for Utilities and Cities to Acquire Technology Solutions

mai 01, 2020

Interest in Smart Street Lighting Triples in US Cities

abr 29, 2020

Addressing the New Challenges and New Opportunities of the Modern Grid

abr 23, 2020

How Municipalities and Utilities Can Prepare for Natural Disasters

abr 21, 2020

A Corporate Overview From Itron

abr 14, 2020

Smart Distribution Strategies Save More Than Just Water

abr 07, 2020

What is Driving Today's Distribution Grids to Become Tomorrow's Intelligent Grids?

abr 03, 2020

AMI Penetration in Africa: A Comparison With Global Progress

abr 01, 2020

Meet the Top Nine Australian Smart City Projects

mar 31, 2020

Staying Resourceful While Working From Home

mar 11, 2020

Building More Resilient Cities

mar 11, 2020

Itron Launches Next-Generation RF Communications Module for EMEA

mar 10, 2020

Itron Smart Community Challenge: Transforming the Grid with Electric Vehicles

mar 05, 2020

Itron to Deploy Intelligent Streetlight Solution for the City of Stockholm

mar 03, 2020

Itron and Smart Energy Water Sign Reseller Agreement to Promote Customer Experience in the Global Energy and Water Industries

mar 02, 2020

Driving Change on the Grid—The Impact of EV Adoption

fev 29, 2020

Energy Leadership on Mentorship

fev 26, 2020

Itron to Modernize Electric Grid in Borås, Sweden

fev 24, 2020

Itron Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2019 Financial Results and 2020 Guidance

fev 18, 2020

Grid4C Collaborates with Itron to Embed AI-Powered Analytics into Smart Meters at the Grid Edge

fev 14, 2020

Itron Among Corporate Knights' Clean200

fev 14, 2020

Itron Listed Among America's Most Responsible Companies by Newsweek

fev 07, 2020

Utilities Take Action to Tackle Risks and Damages from Natural Disasters

fev 04, 2020

Itron Recognized for AMI Leadership in Asia-Pacific by Frost & Sullivan

jan 31, 2020

Smart Communities, E-mobility and True Grid Resilience With Itron

jan 31, 2020

"Thirst for Power" Documentary Explores How Water and Power Are Intertwined

jan 30, 2020

New Tool Boosts Communities' Energy and Water Literacy

jan 30, 2020

Clean Energy Jobs Become More Prevalent in INW

jan 30, 2020

#DTECH2020 Wednesday: The Thirst for Power

jan 29, 2020

DISTRIBUTECH 2020: Tuesday Wrap-Up

jan 29, 2020

Itron and CPS Energy Expand Collaboration to Improve Energy and Water Literacy with Smart Energy Education Initiative

jan 28, 2020

Itron and Innowatts Collaborate to Deliver AI-Powered AMI Predictive Insights to Electric Utilities

jan 28, 2020

DistribuTech 2020 Kicks Off With Look at Host Utility CPS Energy's Transition Plans

jan 28, 2020

Itron Invites Entries For Smart Community Challenge

jan 27, 2020

Itron Invites Innovators to Participate in Smart Community Challenge

jan 23, 2020

Itron and Bidgely Bring Combined Distributed Intelligence and Next-Gen Enterprise Analytics for Electric and Dual-Fuel Utilities

jan 22, 2020

Itron to Improve Grid Awareness and Renewable Energy Integration in Los Angeles

jan 16, 2020

Itron Wins Second Consecutive “Public Safety Solution of the Year” Award In 2020 IoT Breakthrough Awards Program

jan 14, 2020

Itron Expands Collaboration with Equinix in EMEA to Strengthen Software-as-a-Service Platform

jan 06, 2020

More than 30 Million Smart Street Lights by 2023, Predicts Study

jan 06, 2020

Installed Base of Smart Street Lights to Reach 31.2 Million by 2023: Study

jan 06, 2020

Itron on 2020: Easier Funding, Higher Priority, Better Data Integration for Smarter Cities

dez 17, 2019

Itron Celebrates 75 Millionth Gas Communication Module Shipment

dez 15, 2019

Itron Named a Visionary in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for IoT Connectivity Services, Worldwide

dez 05, 2019

Tennessee Utility Collaborates with Itron to Improve Water Delivery

dez 05, 2019

Louisville Water Company Contracts With Itron to Improve Operational Efficiency

dez 04, 2019

Marina Donovan of Itron on Preparedness

dez 03, 2019

Louisville Water Company Signs Contract with Itron to Improve Operational Efficiency

nov 27, 2019

City of London Switches on to Connected Lighting

nov 26, 2019

In the Future, OpenADR and Distributed Intelligence Will Combine to Create a Modernized Grid

nov 19, 2019

Want the Best Approach to Smart Cities? Study These Two Electric Companies

nov 18, 2019

Key Elements of the Transition to Smart Cities in Europe and the U.S.

nov 14, 2019

Creating Cities of the Future with Digital Twin Technology

nov 13, 2019

Itron to Improve Electricity Delivery with End-to-End Critical Infrastructure Solution in West Africa

nov 13, 2019

Tech Talks Daily Podcast: SolvIng Real-World Challenges With IoT For Smart Cities

nov 11, 2019

Fortnightly Top Innovators 2019

nov 11, 2019

Leveraging a Flexible Network and Partner Ecosystem

nov 11, 2019

Removing the Roadblocks to Smart City ROI

nov 09, 2019

Making the Case for Smart Water

nov 08, 2019

Leveraging AMI in Louisville

nov 08, 2019

Partnership Develops Smart Utilities and Cities

nov 07, 2019

Optimizing Operations with Temetra

nov 05, 2019

Rocky Mountain Power to Deploy Itron IoT Solution to Modernize its Electricity Grid

nov 04, 2019

Itron Announces Third Quarter 2019 Financial Results

out 28, 2019

How Utilities Are Transforming Outage Management Into Rapid Recovery

out 24, 2019

Itron Utility Week 2019 Achieves Record Attendance and Dynamic Sessions from Utility and Smart City Luminaries, Solidifying its Reputation as a Premier Industry Event

out 17, 2019

Outdoor Lighting Standards Illuminate the Road to Smart Cities

out 17, 2019

Itron CEO Discusses the Opportunities and Challenges Facing Utilities

out 16, 2019

AMI Programme Acknowledged in Excellence in Resourcefulness Awards

out 15, 2019

Itron Announces Innovator Award Winner

out 15, 2019

Itron's First Recipient of the 2019 Annual Innovator Award

out 15, 2019

#IUW19: Pepco and Carlsbad Recognised for Efficiency Commitments

out 15, 2019

Solve Real-world Challenges With IoT for Smart Cities

out 14, 2019

Itron Report Reveals Utilities and Consumers Share Heightened Concern about Increasing Disasters

out 10, 2019

Smart Communities Share Infrastructure

out 09, 2019

Utility and Smart City Industry Leaders Come Together for Itron Utility Week 2019

out 07, 2019

Tech Dive: Why Smart Water Meters Are Getting Smarter

out 03, 2019

The Department of Water and Sewage of Americana to Deploy Itron Solution to Prevent Water Loss

set 24, 2019

Itron Signs Global Reseller Agreement with TerraGo to Accelerate Smart Streetlight Projects

set 19, 2019

Xcel Energy to Partner with Itron to Deploy Smart Meters

set 18, 2019

Itron and Xcel to Build an Advanced Electrical Grid of the Future

set 17, 2019

Xcel Energy and Itron Collaborate to Transform Customer Experience and Utility Operations

set 13, 2019

Itron Embraces Bottom-up Strategy for Smart City Technology

set 10, 2019

Utility and City Partnerships: Unlocking the Power of Community

ago 30, 2019

Weathering the Storm: Mitigating the Impacts of Natural Disasters

ago 30, 2019

Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative: Reaching Demand Response Curtailment Goals

ago 28, 2019

New York's Increasing Average Temperatures Challenge Power-demand Forecasts

ago 27, 2019

Mobi Signs-on to Protect Reef

ago 21, 2019

Itron Accepting Nominations for Innovator Award

ago 16, 2019

Itron to Connect 240,000 Smart Electricity Meters in Western Australia

ago 15, 2019

Itron Helps Australian Utility Improve Efficiency

ago 14, 2019

Who Will Benefit From the Surge in Behind-the-meter Battery Installations?

ago 12, 2019

Western Power Selects Itron to Modernize Electricity Delivery in Australia

ago 05, 2019

Scalable Data Management Is Crucial to Water Conservation

ago 05, 2019

Itron Announces Second Quarter 2019 Financial Results and Increases Full-Year 2019 Guidance

jul 22, 2019

Itron Names Tom Deitrich President and Chief Executive Officer

jul 19, 2019

Smart Streetlights Build Smart City Network Backbone

jul 15, 2019

Using Technology to Get an Edge on Water Loss

jul 09, 2019

Fortnightly Smartest Communities

jul 09, 2019

Challenging Conditions: Brian McGuigan on the Itron Smart City Challenge

jul 09, 2019

Itron Introduces Itron® Eyva™ – Helping Utilities and Cities Address Data Challenges, Realize Value and Transform Their Business

jun 27, 2019

Liberty Utilities to Deploy Smart Metering Capabilities to 700,000 End Points

jun 26, 2019

Itron to Deploy OpenWay® Riva Solution for Liberty Utilities as Means of Enhancing Customer Experience and Improving Operations

jun 22, 2019

Laser Beam Detects Fall From Bridge

jun 19, 2019

Designers Use Creative Skills to Come up With Potential Life-saver for Smart City Challenge

jun 18, 2019

Itron Announces Smart City Challenge Winners

jun 18, 2019

Itron Announces Smart City Challenge Winners

jun 17, 2019

Can P3s Jumpstart Smart Cities?

jun 06, 2019

Wildfires, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes: How Utilities Are Preparing for a Summer of Storms

mai 22, 2019

Itron Recognized as a Global Leader in Smart Street Lighting by Northeast Group

mai 09, 2019

Itron Continues to Drive Innovation with Expanded Ecosystem of Partners

mai 06, 2019

Itron Announces First Quarter 2019 Financial Results

mai 01, 2019

Advances at the WaterEnergy Nexus

abr 29, 2019

Webinar Recording: This Is Not a Drill! The Weather Resilient Grid

abr 26, 2019

Talking Under Water Episode 12 Water Scarcity Coastal Flooding

abr 25, 2019

Smart Street Lighting Could Save Cities $15bn by 2023

abr 23, 2019

Using IIoT Applications to Prepare for and Mitigate Risk from Natural Disasters

abr 22, 2019

Conserving the Worlds Most Precious Resource

abr 22, 2019

Itron and Discovery Education Launch “Week of Resourcefulness”

abr 18, 2019

Locating Leaks

abr 15, 2019

Itron and VINCI Energies to Build Australia’s Largest Standalone Smart Lighting Project

mar 27, 2019

Itron Named the Leader in Utility Field Area Networking (FAN)

mar 18, 2019

QA How Intelligent Streetlights Are Driving Smart Cities

mar 14, 2019

Lubbock Plays Catchup With Smart Meters to Advance With Smart City Apps

mar 13, 2019

Itron to Deploy OpenWay® Riva Solution for Lubbock Power & Light

fev 28, 2019

Icons Leroy Nosbaum Engineering a Spokanearea Tech Manufacturer to Success

fev 28, 2019

Itron Expands Work with RGE Sul in Brazil to Modernize Infrastructure and Enable Future Applications

fev 27, 2019

Voltage Optimization App Now Integrated into Meters

fev 27, 2019

Itron Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2018 Financial Results and 2019 Guidance

fev 26, 2019

Itron CEO Shares Insights on the Future of Utilities

fev 14, 2019

Leveraging the Power of a Grid in Transition

fev 14, 2019

Blockchain QA With Itron Idea Labs

fev 11, 2019

Smart Is Worth the Effort

fev 05, 2019

Itron Network Technology Among First to Receive Wi-SUN FAN Certification

fev 04, 2019

Detect Leaks With AMI

jan 31, 2019

Tampa Electric Company Signs Contract with Itron to Deploy Smart Street Lighting Solution

jan 30, 2019

Con Edison Deploys Battery-Powered Natural Gas Detectors on Itron’s Network

jan 29, 2019

ComEd and Itron to Accelerate Development of Smart Cities in Illinois Through Smart Streetlight Program

jan 18, 2019

One Year Smarter Yet Much to Learn Our 2019 Digital Transformation Crystal Ball

jan 17, 2019

CES News Roundup

jan 17, 2019

What Can We Expect to See for Smart Cities in 2019

jan 15, 2019

Redefining Resourcefulness in 2019 and Beyond

jan 09, 2019

CES 2019 Microsoft Azure Digital Twins Is Like Simcity but the Stakes Are Real

jan 09, 2019

Itron Launches Outage Analysis Service Offering

jan 08, 2019

Itron Recognized for Internet of Things Innovation with 2019 IoT Breakthrough Award

jan 06, 2019

The Rise of Digital Twins in Smart Cities

jan 03, 2019

Providing Desired Outcomes With Asaservice Models

jan 03, 2019

Itron Recognized as a Leader for the Sixth Consecutive Time in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Meter Data Management Products

jan 02, 2019

Itron Idea Labs to Demonstrate Mixed Reality for Industrial IoT at CES

dez 17, 2018

Utilities Can Use Digitalization And IoT To Power Smart Cities

dez 17, 2018

Itron Resonates With Calls for Big Change

dez 13, 2018

Itron Collaborates with Disco Learning Media and GPB Education to Expand STEM Education Resources in PBS LearningMedia

dez 12, 2018

Itron to Provide Forecasting-as-a-Service Solution in Mexico

dez 12, 2018

Smart Grid Today Podcast Marina Donovan

dez 10, 2018

How Smart Cities Can Leverage Open Innovation to Accelerate Digital Transformation

dez 10, 2018

A More Resourceful Future

dez 10, 2018

Itron Named a Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed M2M Services, Worldwide

dez 06, 2018

Carolina Energy 2019 Measure It Manage It

dez 05, 2018

City of Waco Signs Contract with Itron to Improve Water Efficiency and Reduce Water Loss

dez 04, 2018

Itron Wins Company of the Year Award for AMI Solutions in Asia-Pacific Region

nov 28, 2018

Cool Sentry SMECOs Decadeold Demandmanagement Program Adapts to Stay on the Cutting Edge

nov 20, 2018

How to BuySell a Smart City

nov 20, 2018

Costa Rica Electricity Cooperatives to Modernize Grid with Itron OpenWay Riva IoT Solution

nov 14, 2018

Itron Selected to be a Leading Technology Provider in California Distributed Energy Management Project

nov 13, 2018

Invitation to Participate in Smart City Challenge

nov 13, 2018

Itron Launches Inaugural City Challenge

nov 13, 2018

Cities Should Focus First on What Works Says Itron As It Kicks Off Smartcity Challenge

nov 13, 2018

Itron to Modernize Electricity Delivery in Brazil with Future-ready IoT Network

nov 12, 2018

Itron Invites Innovators to Participate in Smart City Challenge

nov 06, 2018

Digitalization Powering Utilities and Smart Cities

nov 06, 2018

Itron Expands Collaboration with Georgia Power for Power Credit Demand Response Program

nov 05, 2018

Itron Announces Third Quarter 2018 Financial Results

nov 05, 2018

Itron Expands Contract with Entergy for Grid Management

out 26, 2018

Water We Going to Do

out 23, 2018

How AsAService Models Help Utilities Deliver Ideal Outcomes

out 19, 2018

Smart cities QA Five key questions for five tech providers

out 18, 2018

The chosen technology connecting the world’s smartest cities

out 08, 2018

Itron and Discovery Education Launch National Effort to Advance Conservation, Applied-Learning, Technology and STEM Education

out 05, 2018

Partner Spotlight Itron

out 01, 2018

Itron Report Reveals Current State of International Resourcefulness

out 01, 2018

Itron Supports the Wi-SUN Alliance’s FAN Certification Program for Large-scale Outdoor Industrial IoT Networks

set 28, 2018

Four Ways Utilities Can Shape Smart Cities Success

set 27, 2018

Itron Launches Temetra® for North America, Revolutionizing Mobile Data Collection

set 26, 2018

Itron Introduces Next Generation of WaterMind® Solution for Commercial & Industrial Customers

set 25, 2018

Building Digital Services Malls of the Future With IoT Platforms

set 25, 2018

Itron Utility Week Brings Industry Leaders Together to Connect, Innovate and Transform

set 24, 2018

Partnership Enables IoT Leader to Gotomarket With Solution for Optimizing Utility Metertocash Proces

set 24, 2018

Bringing Safety to the Edge

set 13, 2018

Itron Signs New Contract in Azerbaijan for Gas Smart Payment Project

set 12, 2018

Itron Idea Labs Joins Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) to Release First-Ever Zero Emissions 2028 Roadmap for the LA Region

set 06, 2018

NV Energy Implements Itron’s Cloud-Based Demand-Side Management Solution

ago 22, 2018

Gallup and Urbanova Launch Groundbreaking Peoplecentered Platform

ago 20, 2018

Blockchain Two Reasons to Believe the Hype

ago 16, 2018

Partner Spotlight News for Itron Leidos Enel Microsoft

ago 14, 2018

Itron Named a Leader in Navigant Research Leaderboard Report on Smart Streetlights

ago 07, 2018

Kalispel Tribal Utilities to Deploy Itron OpenWay® Riva Solution

ago 06, 2018

Itron Announces Second Quarter 2018 Financial Results

ago 02, 2018

Iot and the Energy Ecosystem Key Smart Utility Challenges to Consider

jul 30, 2018

Technology Trends for the Energy Sector

jul 30, 2018

Itron Signs Contract to Deploy OpenWay® Riva IoT Solution for Samoan Utility

jul 09, 2018

City of Pearland Signs Contract with Itron to Upgrade System, Improve Water Efficiency

jul 02, 2018

Itron Strives To Save Every Drop Of Water

jun 28, 2018

Itron to Improve Water Infrastructure in Barbados

jun 27, 2018

Itron and New Cosmos Collaborate to Improve Gas Safety

jun 26, 2018

Talking Under Water Special Episode AWWA ACE18 Recap

jun 26, 2018

How Strategic Publicprivate Partnerships Are Shaping up in Cities

jun 20, 2018

Itron Transforms the Gas Distribution Network with Launch of Intelligent Gas Meter

jun 19, 2018

Itron to Deploy OpenWay® Riva Solution in Thailand

jun 18, 2018

Setting the Stage for the Intelligent Enterprise

jun 14, 2018

Peoples Natural Gas Pittsburgh Implement NextGen Solutions

jun 14, 2018

Itron Announces Hands-Free BYOD Solution

jun 08, 2018

Natural Gas Utilities Leverage Active Gas Networks to Enhance Safety Reliability and Customer Servic

jun 06, 2018

Itron to Introduce Ultrasonic Intelis Water Meter at AWWA Conference

jun 01, 2018

How to Create a Smart City FutureProofed Cities That Foster Growth and Innovation

mai 31, 2018

SAP Partner Itron Strives to Save Every Drop of Water

mai 22, 2018

Itron to Provide Nationwide Smart Grid Solution for Jamaica

mai 21, 2018

Avista Announces Plan for $165 Million Smart Meter Rollout in Washington

mai 18, 2018

Electric Companies and Cities Working Together for Smart Energy

mai 17, 2018

Smart Cities Building Tomorrows Infrastructure

mai 15, 2018

Itron to Monitor Electric System in New Zealand

mai 14, 2018

Itron Signs Agreement with Mississippi Power to Deploy and Manage Nearly 200,000 Smart Meters Across the Magnolia State

mai 14, 2018

Itron Announces First Quarter 2018 Financial Results

mai 09, 2018

Itron’s Demand Response Solution Receives Grid Edge 2018 Award for Leadership at the Edge

mai 08, 2018

Itron to Showcase Portfolio of IoT Capabilities, Partners at IoT World

mai 05, 2018

ETS18 Digital Dreams of Connected IoT Ecosystems for New Energy Challenges

mai 04, 2018

The Delicate Dance Improving the CEOCFO Relationship

mai 03, 2018

Otter Tail Power Company Receives CS Week Excellence Award for Analytics Project with Itron

abr 26, 2018

Making Every Drop Count for the Great Barrier Reef

abr 26, 2018

Meet the Top Companies Changing the Face of the Electric Grid in 2018

abr 24, 2018

Collaboration With Utilities Seen As First Step in Growth of Smart Cities

abr 19, 2018

Itron Launches Online Portal for Tennessee Water Customers

abr 17, 2018

Gulf Power Receives Award at PLMA Conference for Itron Demand Response Program

abr 16, 2018

Building on Success With Electricity Tonga Expands Use of Openway Riva Technology to Improve Water E

abr 05, 2018

Itron to Accelerate Internet of Things Solutions with New Certification

abr 05, 2018

Itron to Modernize Water Infrastructure in Arkansas with Smart Meter Migration

abr 04, 2018

NorthWestern Energy Signs Contract with Itron to Modernize Energy Grid

mar 29, 2018

How Do You Spell IoT Digital Dreams of Connected IoT Ecosystems for New Energy Challenges

mar 29, 2018

Itron and Utilidata Launch a Grid Voltage Control app for Nextgeneration Smart Meters

mar 28, 2018

Itron Sonnen Say Battery Partnership Will Allow Utilities to Maximize Grid Efficiency

mar 28, 2018

Itron Collaborates with sonnen to Add Battery Storage to its Distributed Energy Management and Demand Response Solutions

mar 23, 2018

Investor Highlight Itron Inc

mar 22, 2018

Itron Expands Work in Jordan to Address Non-Revenue Water

mar 21, 2018

Itron to Modernize Electric and Water Systems in Northern California with OpenWay® Riva IoT Solution

mar 20, 2018

News Coverage of WSU Research Reaches Millions

mar 20, 2018

Itron Opens Call for Abstracts for Itron Utility Week 2018

mar 15, 2018

Itron CEO Rise of Smart Cities

mar 14, 2018

Romanian Utility Selects Itron’s Water Solution to Reduce Water Loss

mar 13, 2018

Challenges Around Distributed Energy Resources and Sustainability

mar 08, 2018

Florida Power & Light Expands Work with Itron with Gen5 Network Upgrade

fev 28, 2018

Itron Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2017 Financial Results

fev 23, 2018

HIPA Thanks Biggest Investors at Annual Awards Ceremony

fev 20, 2018

Look to Open Standards and Interoperability for Smart City Infrastructure

fev 13, 2018

Students Learn About Products Made in Oconee

fev 12, 2018

Senate Energy Hears from Itron CEO Mezey about Grid

jan 31, 2018

Itron’s Prepayment Solution Reaches Certification Milestone

jan 30, 2018

Itron Utility Week Engerati Energy Talks

jan 30, 2018

Itron to Help Decrease Non-Revenue Water and Improve Water Access in Burundi

jan 25, 2018

Itron Modernizes Water Metering System in Rwanda

jan 24, 2018

Active Network Delivers Environmental and Business Outcomes for Iot and Cities

jan 16, 2018

Itron Recognized as a Leader in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Meter Data Management Products

jan 11, 2018

Cloud Computing for Utilities

jan 08, 2018

Itron Acquisition in Drive to Innovation and Growth in IoT

jan 05, 2018

The IoT World Brings New Opportunities for Utilities to Build Smarter and Safer Communities

jan 05, 2018

Itron Completes Acquisition of Silver Spring Networks to Drive Innovation and Growth in IoT

jan 03, 2018

Silver Spring Networks Stockholders Approve Merger with Itron

dez 28, 2017

Was 2017 the Year Global Energy Giants Went Allin on the Distributed Energy Revolution

dez 27, 2017

The Case for Distributed Intelligence in AMI

dez 22, 2017

Vectren Optimise Services With Openway Riva

dez 20, 2017

Vectren Collaborates with Itron for Energy Grid Modernization

dez 19, 2017

City Awards $12 Million Contract for Automated Water Meter System

dez 18, 2017

Kansas Gas Installing Automated Meterreading Devices in Hutch

dez 13, 2017

Discovering new frontiers in Houston Texas

dez 12, 2017

Driving Smart City Innovation With an Active Network

dez 08, 2017

Itron, Inc. Prices Offering of $300 Million of 5.000% Senior Notes Due 2026

dez 06, 2017

Spokane Takes Step to Become a Smart City Research Center

dez 05, 2017

Itron, Inc. Announces Proposed Offering of $300 Million of Senior Notes Due 2025

dez 05, 2017

A Powerful Equation Digital Connections Collaboration Smarter Cities

dez 05, 2017

Itron Acquisition of Silver Spring Networks Clears Antitrust Review

nov 23, 2017

The Gift of Time Tom Sherry and His Turkey Drive

nov 16, 2017

The Cloud is About Improving Outcomes Not Technology

nov 14, 2017

Maryland Electric Coop SMECO Extends Demand Response Contract

nov 14, 2017

Itron Awarded Contract with Cairns Regional Council for Smart Water Program

nov 14, 2017

Rongwen and Silver Spring Networks Connect Smart Lighting in China’s Third Largest City

nov 14, 2017

Silver Spring Networks’ Smart Cities Platform, Streetlight.Vision, Earns Certification from the TALQ Consortium

nov 13, 2017

Itron Extends Contract in Maryland to Deliver Demand Response

nov 09, 2017

Virtualising Homes the New Load Management Paradigm

nov 08, 2017

AMI Data Management

nov 06, 2017

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Deals in the Energy Sector Are Up Tenfold in 2017

nov 01, 2017

Itron Announces Third Quarter 2017 Financial Results

out 26, 2017

Silver Spring Networks Recognized as a Visionary Two Years Running in Gartner ‘Magic Quadrant for Managed M2M Services, Worldwide’

out 24, 2017

Silver Spring Networks Completes IoT Network Canopy Rollout for DEWA

out 17, 2017

Itron Utility Week 2017 with Energy Institute

out 17, 2017

Evolutions in Demand Response Tapping Locational Value With Pinpoint DR

out 16, 2017

Frost & Sullivan Honors Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation and Madison Water Utility with Excellence in Resourcefulness Awards at Itron Utility Week

out 12, 2017

Itron Launches Action Manager to Optimize Workflow Management

out 11, 2017

Itron Utility Week Brings Industry Leaders Together to Explore New Frontiers

out 09, 2017

Silver Spring Networks Named Frost & Sullivan Asia-Pacific Smart Utility Platform Provider of the Year

out 02, 2017

The Power of Distributed Analytics for Outage Management

set 28, 2017

An Affinity for Proper Connections

set 22, 2017

Utilities Move to the Cloud to Enable Seamless Efficiency and Innovation

set 18, 2017

Itron to Acquire Silver Spring Networks to Accelerate Smart Grid and Smart City Innovation and Growth

set 14, 2017

Itron Receives Prestigious Chairman’s Award from the Alliance to Save Energy

set 13, 2017

Itron Ranked Number One in Navigant Demand Response Leaderboard

set 13, 2017

Company Spotlight Itron

set 06, 2017

Silver Spring Networks Expands Smart Metering Ecosystem Through Agreement with Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd.

ago 31, 2017

Data Makes You Smarter Transforming Your Data to Power Tomorrows Utilities and Cities

ago 08, 2017

Silver Spring Networks to Extend Starfish™ Service to Additional Areas in London

ago 08, 2017

ESB Telecoms Ltd to Work with Silver Spring Networks to Deploy National IoT Network in Ireland

ago 02, 2017

Itron Announces Second Quarter 2017 Financial Results

jul 25, 2017

How Did You Get Your Start in the Grid Russ Vanos of Itron

jul 24, 2017

DER Aggregation Sector Experts Identify Emerging Trends in a Nascent Market

jul 20, 2017

Alliance to Save Energy Announces Six stars Of Energy Efficiency Award Recipients for 2017

jul 20, 2017

Delivering Results on a Global Scale

jul 13, 2017

Growing the IoT From Networks to Devices

jun 29, 2017

Silver Spring Networks Selected for Grant County Public Utility District Advanced Metering Program

jun 27, 2017

City of Chicago Contracts with Ameresco to Modernize and Connect Largest City–Led Wireless Smart Street Lighting Project in the U.S., Utilizing Silver Spring Networks’ Platform

jun 20, 2017

Silver Spring Networks Provides Country-Wide Smart Street Light Controls for Jamaica

jun 15, 2017

Pittsburgh San Diego City Officials Put Utilities As Major Players in Smartcity Partnerships

jun 07, 2017

Digital Transformation in DevOps is a Gamechanger

jun 06, 2017

Itron Expands Smart Island Project in Tonga to Improve Water Efficiency Using Shared Network

jun 01, 2017

The Indisputable Power of AMI and Analytics

jun 01, 2017

Itron Finalizes Comverge Acquisition to Expand Grid and Customer Experience Solutions

mai 31, 2017

Itron Names Joan Hooper Chief Financial Officer

mai 30, 2017

Silver Spring Networks Wins “Outstanding Big Data & Internet of Things Solution Provider of the Year” Award

mai 24, 2017

Itron to Help Reduce Water Losses in Brazilian City of Matão

mai 18, 2017

mai 17, 2017

Itron Releases Next Generation Itron Riva™ Development Kit for Faster Path to Innovation

mai 10, 2017

Unlocking the Power of Analytics With the Right Data in the Right Place

mai 10, 2017

Philip Mezey The Desire to Serve

mai 10, 2017

How Do You Bring the Smart City to Life

mai 09, 2017

Itron Steals The Demand Response Spotlight By Acquiring Comverge

mai 09, 2017

Silver Spring Networks Expands Smart Grid Program in Mexico City, Adds New Deployment in Southeast Mexico for Comisión Federal de Electricidad

mai 09, 2017

Golden Valley Electric Association Selects Silver Spring Networks to Deploy Multi-Application Advanced Metering Platform in Alaska

mai 08, 2017

Itron Poised to Drive New Grid and Customer Experience Solutions with Comverge Acquisition

mai 04, 2017

Whats Next for Smart energy Urbanova May Provide Answers

mai 03, 2017

Itron Collaborates with Roanoke Gas Company to Modernize Distribution System with Smart Gas Solution

mai 03, 2017

Itron Announces First Quarter 2017 Financial Results

mai 01, 2017

Game the System Engage the Players

mai 01, 2017

The Gas Utility of the Future

abr 18, 2017

Straight to the Source

abr 11, 2017

Texas-New Mexico Power Turns to Itron to Run AMI Solution

abr 07, 2017

Stop the 57000 Surprise Connect Your Utility

abr 07, 2017

Smart City Expo World Congress

abr 05, 2017

NRTC Partners with Silver Spring Networks to Deliver Advanced Metering

abr 04, 2017

Itron Helps Improve Water Efficiency in Middle East

mar 31, 2017

Counting the Drops

mar 29, 2017

DEWA Signs Agreement with Silver Spring Networks to Provide a Smart Canopy for Innovative Services and Smart Grid Applications

mar 28, 2017

Water District Saves Money and Promotes Conservation With Remote Monitoring System

mar 28, 2017

Itron Announces Chief Financial Officer Transition

mar 14, 2017

Itron Drives the Utilities and Cities of the Future

mar 09, 2017

Distribution Tranformer Monitoring Managing Critical Assets While Expanding Grid Awareness

mar 07, 2017

The Gateway to Optimized Solar Generation

mar 02, 2017

How Data Helps Utilities Cut Costs and Helps Customers Do the Same

fev 28, 2017

Itron Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2016 Financial Results

fev 24, 2017

How Apps Help Manage the Torrent of Data from Connected Devices

fev 23, 2017

Leveraging Analytics for Savings

fev 21, 2017

CESC Expands Silver Spring Networks IoT Platform to Kota and Bharatpur, India

fev 21, 2017

Silver Spring Networks Announces Smart Grid Deployment with AEP Ohio

fev 08, 2017

Itron Improves Access to Gas with Smart Payment Solution in Mexico

fev 02, 2017

Envision America 2017 Cities Announced

jan 31, 2017


jan 31, 2017

AVANGRID Chooses Itron for Energy Smart Community in New York

jan 31, 2017

Oklahoma Gas & Electric Selects Silver Spring Networks for Smart Street Lights Program

jan 30, 2017

Public Service Company of New Mexico Picks Itron’s OpenWay Riva™ Solution

jan 30, 2017

Itron Advances Interoperability with Wi-SUN Alliance

jan 26, 2017

Itron and Bsquare First to Provide App Community for Grid Edge Devices

jan 25, 2017

Itron Advances Grid Reliability with Dynamic Grid Connectivity Modeling Service

jan 18, 2017

Itron Expands OpenWay Riva™ Ecosystem with Wasion Partnership

jan 17, 2017

Itron to Improve Water Efficiency and Modernize Distribution System in Nova Scotia Capital

jan 12, 2017

Accelerating Business Value and Agility With the Cloud

jan 10, 2017

IoT Revenue Opportunities for the Utility Industry

jan 05, 2017

Cloud Computing for Utilities

jan 05, 2017

Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation Turns to Itron for Consumer Engagement Program

jan 04, 2017

Itron Expands Itron Riva™ Developers Community to Battery-Powered IoT Devices

jan 03, 2017

Networking the Smart City

jan 03, 2017

Networking the Smart City

dez 21, 2016

Major Brazilian Water Utility Selects Itron to Decrease Non-Revenue Water and Offer Enhanced Service for C&I Customers

dez 20, 2016

Itron Broadens Electrification in Indonesia with Smart Payment Solution

dez 19, 2016

Cloudbased Insights

dez 19, 2016

Itron Recognized as a Leader in 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Meter Data Management Products

dez 15, 2016

Smart Technology Can Get Us to the 21st Century Infrastructure We Need

dez 14, 2016

Increasing Efficiencies for Utilities Connecting Smart Meters to Rugged Mobility

dez 14, 2016

Planning for New Energy Futures and Disruptions

dez 14, 2016

Navigant Names Itron Leader in Utility Field Area Networking

dez 14, 2016

Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Itron as 2016 Asia Pacific Smart Grid Solutions Company of the Year

dez 13, 2016

Itron Tops Navigant Research Leaderboard for Utility Field Area Networking

dez 01, 2016

Avista to Install Smart Lights in U District

nov 28, 2016

Business Talks with Ryan McNeice

nov 17, 2016

Smart Metering Edge Intelligence Not Billing

nov 16, 2016

Enedis Selects Itron for 4.6 Million Smart Meters for Second Phase of Linky Program

nov 15, 2016

The Global Smart Energy Elites 2016 Projects and People

nov 14, 2016

PTC Demonstrates Industry Leadership in Smart Cities at Smart City Expo World Congress 2016

nov 14, 2016

How Spokane Is Building a Smart City From the Grid Out With Transactive Energy Included

nov 14, 2016

Itron Helps Global Utilities Extend Life of Distribution Transformers

nov 09, 2016

The Holistic Approach Proactive Voltage Monitoring Drives LongTerm Payoff

nov 09, 2016

The Holistic Approach

nov 08, 2016

Spokane Wants to Test Its Way into the Future

nov 07, 2016

Silver Spring Networks to Expand CPFL Distribution Automation Program Across More Than 100,000 km2 of São Paulo State, Brazil

nov 02, 2016

Itron Modernizes Water Distribution System in Southeast Australia

nov 02, 2016

Itron Announces Third Quarter 2016 Financial Results

nov 01, 2016

Itron Iotdriven Utilities for Better Resourceful World

out 24, 2016

Silver Spring Networks Named a Visionary in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Machine-to-Machine Services, Worldwide

out 21, 2016

Itron Resourcefulness Index Trends

out 20, 2016

Driving Resourcefulness Through Innovation

out 19, 2016

The Future is Now The Utility of the Future Already Exists

out 18, 2016

Cyient Wins Itron’s Ignite Innovation Challenge with Outage Management App

out 17, 2016

My Itron Utility Week Groupie Moment Im Following Avistas Curt Kirkeby on the Conference Circuit

out 17, 2016

Frost & Sullivan Honors CenterPoint Energy and NMB Water with Excellence in Resourcefulness Awards at Itron Utility Week

out 17, 2016

Silver Spring Networks Receives Frost & Sullivan Asia-Pacific Smart Grid Service Provider of the Year Award

out 14, 2016

Itron Creating a More Resourceful World Through Digital Transformation

out 14, 2016

When Storm Clouds Brew Utilities Turn to the Data Cloud

out 14, 2016

Cities Avoid Blackouts and Leaky Toilets as Utilities Turn to the Cloud

out 14, 2016

Itron Using Microsoft Cloud to Help Customers Accelerate Digital Transformation

out 13, 2016

An Old Editor Explores a New App for Itron Utility Week

out 12, 2016

Putting a Little Fun in Problemsolving with the Ignite Innovation Challenge

out 12, 2016

Itron Utility Week Brings Together Industry Leaders to Discuss Smarter Cities and Utilities

out 11, 2016

Itron Launches Itron Mobile Transforms Data Collection Using Smart Mobile Devices

out 11, 2016

Itron Launches Itron Mobile, Transforms Data Collection Using Smart Mobile Devices

out 10, 2016

Newsbyte SAP HANA to Help Itron Accelerate Utility Customers Digital Transformation

out 07, 2016

Spokane Urban Lab Will Test Smart City Technology

out 06, 2016

Otter Tail Power Company Selects Itron for Grid Modernization

out 06, 2016

Entergy Corporation Selects Silver Spring Networks for Smart Grid Program

out 01, 2016

Active Grid Where Smart Energy Meets Internet of Things

set 30, 2016

Pulses and Minuses

set 29, 2016

Migrating to Microsoft Azure

set 14, 2016

Taking the Pressure Off

set 14, 2016

Itron Smart Meter Receives Measurement Canada Accuracy Certification

set 13, 2016

Itron and i2O Water to Provide Smart Pressure Management in Brazil

set 12, 2016

Silver Spring Networks Wins 2016 CTIA Emerging Technology Award For Industrial IoT

set 08, 2016

Using Meter Data Management and Analytics to Advance Utilities

set 02, 2016

National Grid Plans to Extend Worcester Smart Grid Pilot

set 01, 2016

Acoustic Leak Detection Stems Water Loss

set 01, 2016

Itron Announces Second Quarter 2016 Financial Results

ago 18, 2016

Peoples Natural Gas to Modernize Distribution System with Itron

ago 13, 2016

Empowering Tonga

ago 11, 2016

From Smart Grid to Active Grid

ago 11, 2016

Pushing Intelligence

ago 11, 2016

Itron Announces First Quarter 2016 Financial Results