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Delivering Intelligent Connectivity

Unlock the power of intelligent connectivity for utilities and cities. We asked utilities around the world about their vision and investment strategies for the next decade. Here are the Top 5 Trends we found.

Networks you can’t outgrow.

With the right IIoT platform, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Energy and Water

Energy & Water

Make every point in your energy and water distribution network work harder for you.

Grid Management

Grid Management

Extend visibility, monitoring and control beyond the substation fence.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Reimagine how you can deliver new services to enhance quality of life for citizens.



Use distributed intelligence for game-changing control at the grid edge.

Itron Networks

Network Trends for Utility & City Infrastructure Modernization

Want to know more? Dive deeper into our research with Zpryme where we asked leading utilities and cities around the world about the role that IIoT and other networking technologies will play in their modernization strategies. Learn more about their priorities and investment strategies over the next decade.

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