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Itron's Investment in Creating a More Resourceful World

ESG 2023

Building more resourceful communities in which we live and work is an essential part of Itron’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy in action. We are steadfast in our commitment to resourcefulness and protecting tomorrow’s water and energy by enabling utilities and cities to better manage these resources. As we release our 2022 ESG report today, we look back at our accomplishments in driving a sustainable climate both inside and outside of our walls.

In 2022, we advanced toward our goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050 with the following actions:

- Made progress on our commitment to address climate disruption by reducing our carbon emissions by at least 50% by 2028.
- Assisted customers in avoiding 4.9 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions through reducing truck rolls, customer energy education and demand response programs.
- Ensured that 88% of Itron manufacturing facilities achieved the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 – Environmental Management Systems certification.
- Signed the United Nations Global Compact, one of the largest global business sustainability initiatives.
- Matched over $200,000 in donations to employee causes around the world.

Every day, Itron works alongside our customers to advance their sustainability goals. For example, PUB, Singapore’s national water agency, is using Itron’s meters to achieve water conservation goals and Duke Energy Florida is working with Itron to implement a managed EV charging program that enables homeowners to charge during off-peak hours. Our industry partners are just as committed to the efficient management of resources as evidenced in our work with SmartThings to unlock utility energy analytics for carbon reduction. 

Itron’s transparent business practices and integrity permeate all areas of our operation. Our purpose is resourcefulness and ensuring energy and water infrastructure works more efficiently with less waste. As we battle climate disruption, Itron is protecting energy and water supplies by doing the right thing for our business, customers and planet. This is how we create a more resourceful world.

Learn more and download the report at www.itron.com/esg.