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Consumer Engagement Partners

Consumer engagement is a key component to smart grid success. Consumer understanding, involvement and participation in the Smart Grid will be critical to achieving many of the benefits for consumers, utilities and society as a whole. Itron understand the central role consumers will play in the smart grid, and our products and solutions are designed to empower consumers to better understand and manage energy and water usage.

Through the use of smart appliances and home automation technologies, customers can participate in peak-load reduction, prepayment, and view usage data through interactive presentation.

Itron is enabling conservation and effective energy and water resource management through a broad technology partner ecosystem that includes in-home displays, web-based energy management software tools, demand response providers, home area network communication providers, and many others, to empower consumers to take charge of their energy usage and costs.

The details below describe the primary ways we work with our consumer engagement partners. To learn more about a North American partner, click the link below.

Consumer Engagement Partners for North America