Honeywell Dolphin CT50
Handheld Computer
The Android Honeywell Dolphin CT50 is the smart phone of choice for Itron Mobile. This handheld survives the elements encountered in outdoor reading, providing the best choice to run your Itron Mobile app, without risking your standard smartphone to the destructive nature of weather and rough use.

With FCS 4.0, this new generation of handheld is an upgrade to your present system. Allowing you to continue using your current Itron FC300 handhelds, and to introduce the CT50 as your meter reading needs grow.

The fully rugged CT50 has power-packed processing capabilities with its Qualcomm 2.26 GHz Quad-core and 2GB RAM + 16GB flash. Standard features include GPS, Bluetooth, flashlight, 8MP camera, bar code reader and full connectivity through your cellular service provider or any Wi-Fi hot spot. All these features provide for the highest degree of future proofing. The CT50’s best-of-class accessories support large meter reading teams with elegance and ease of use.