CEIVA Entryway
Entryway is the result of collaboration between Itron and CEIVA to manage devices over the OpenWay network. Entryway leverages OpenWay’s communications and meter data management capabilities to execute residential demand response (DR) programs, ranging from load control to dynamic pricing to home energy management. Entryway unleashes the power of the OpenWay network by allowing any type of home energy management device to extend intelligence beyond the smart meter into the consumer's home.

Entryway is the first complete system that makes home area network (HAN) management easy for utilities. Entryway allows utilities to provision HAN devices, segment customers, manage demand response events and monitor response analytics. Furthermore, messages and requests are delivered to CEIVA Homeview, the only in-home device that communicates with customers via compelling personal energy data and pictures, as well as to smart phones and the CEIVA Energy web portal.

Entryway allows utilities to communicate with specific meters or to leverage OpenWay groups to send broader communications. With Entryway, utilities can also create custom groups (Entryway Groups) for managing home area network devices and sending load control signals. Control signals can be dispatched over OpenWay via broadcast, multicast (using OpenWay groups), ad hoc groups of meters or devices (Entryway groups) or point-to-point delivery. Information about meters, groups, devices and communications statistics are received through the subscription interface to OpenWay.