Gas Analytics
Itron Analytics software manages, analyzes and stores data collected using any of Itron’s data collection systems. It provides users across the enterprise the tools to render metering and event data in intuitive, easy-to-use dashboards. Anyone within the utility can have access to role-specific views of the data, structured in ways that are relevant to how they do their jobs. Itron Analytics helps gas utilities reach business goals through innovative data analysis in the following areas:
  • Enhanced Customer Service: Accelerated Call Resolution with Fast Access to Consumption Data
  • District Metering: System Integrity and Theft
  • Revenue Protection: Correlate Consumption and Event Data
  • Custom Reporting: Format Data in Ways that Provide the Most Insight
  • Comparative Analysis: Spot Trends and Anomalies
  • Consumer Portal: Web Access for End-Use Customers
  • Cathodic Protection: Automated Pipeline Safety and Revenue Protection