We're Working to Make Every Drop Count

Your pipes are leaking water every day. Those leaks can waste up to 30% of your water. They damage the pipes, damage property, and lead to breaks that cost you money. Discover how you can use acoustic leak sensors on an OpenWay Riva network to pinpoint and fix distribution problems before they lead to a break.

Discover how you can use acoustic leak sensors on an OpenWay Riva network to pinpoint and fix distribution problems before they lead to a break.

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Download Itron and Cisco's solution brief to learn more about how you can leverage next generation networks to drive more informed analytics and maximized business outcomes today.

Intelis Water Meter

Combined with the active network power of OpenWay Riva, the Intelis meter is the latest ultrasonic solid-state solution that utilizes edge intelligence to track flow usage patterns at the meter level, setting a new standard in intelligent water metering for North American utilities. Now your water network can become an active partner in making the most of your water resources.

We’re Working to Make Every Drop Count

Itron & Cisco are committed to applying the latest network and analytics technology to help conserve the world's most precious resource—water.

Safe + Secure Gas Operations with OpenWay Riva

How do you find out before gas pipe corrosion turns into a leak and a leak turns into a problem? Learn more about how applications like cathodic protection are helping utilities keep customers safe.

Discover the Active Grid

OpenWay Riva redefines what's possible with distributed intelligence placed at every point of the distribution grid.

Why OpenWay Riva?

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Proven network architecture: Enable more reliable connectivity with multiple types of communications, including RF mesh, advanced PLC, cellular and Wi-Fi.
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Maximized business outcomes: Empower devices to access, analyze and act on data in the right place, at the right time.
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Protected investments: Easily integrate advanced metering infrastructure and all sorts of past, present and future IoT applications—all on a single, multipurpose IPv6 network.

How OpenWay Riva Enables Smarter Cities Through Smarter Utilities

OpenWay Riva connects IoT devices through a powerful, fully standards-compliant distributed computing platform, enabling endless possibilities for emerging city applications.

Diversion detection
Detection of unsafe grid conditions
Transformer load management
System integrity
Methane sensing
Leak detection
Remote disconnect
Advanced sensing
Smart Cities
Smart streetlight
Environmental sensors
Community safety

Customer Results

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Reduced non-revenue water loss by 38%

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Building a Smart Island in the Kingdom of Tonga

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Supported multiple smart energy, water and city use cases on a multi-purpose network

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