Welcome to the active grid.

Welcome to the Active Grid

There’s a lot happening in your network. With the power of distributed intelligence—embedded in your Itron smart meters, sensors and other devices—your network becomes more active and engaged, more efficient and reliable. Changes happen when and where they need to, in the field as those devices detect, analyze and adapt to real-time events to keep your distribution network running at its peak performance.

The Active Grid is much more than smart metering and it’s even more than the smart grid. It encompasses electricity, gas, water and smart cities—and opens up an entirely new frontier for better management of energy and water resources. The Active Grid is a new level of situational awareness within the system—whether that’s the electrical grid or gas and water distribution networks—that results in better outcomes for energy and water providers.

Learn more about how OpenWay Riva delivers the Active Grid for electricity, gas and water utilities.

Measuring up

More accurate. More reliable. No moving parts. Ultrasonic metering technology from Itron measures all the water flowing from your distribution system to your consumers—ensuring you make the most of every drop.

Connected Today, Connected Tomorrow

With Itron Riva embedded in applications and devices—from meters and sensors to streetlights and more—smart city and industrial Internet of Things technology is available today. And it’ll grow with you tomorrow.