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Collaborating with Customers: Itron Global Support Services

The Itron Global Support Services team has the knowledge and tools necessary to keep your staff informed on the latest energy and water technologies, help you improve operational efficiencies and derive more value from your business solutions. Learn more about the various teams including Technical Support Services, Service Business and Enhanced Maintenance Services.

The Highest Standard

We offer world-class support that has become a differentiator in the market, the standard our customers have come to expect. Just ask them.
Our industry is in the midst of an energy and water technology revolution. At Itron, we are committed to helping the world better manage its energy and water resources, and are proud to apply leading technologies and services to solve challenges—but we can’t do it alone.

With your collaboration and knowledge, we are discovering ways to more accurately and effectively measure, manage and plan for a more resourceful future. Developing a knowledge-sharing community and supporting you in your efforts to take on the challenges ahead are critical to what we do. So that's what we've done with Itron Access—use it to connect with your peers across the industry, share tips and tricks and learn how to make the most of your Itron technology.

From our annual Itron Utility Week to our rich library of product information, we're committed to providing you with comprehensive online resources and knowledge to help you achieve your business outcomes and help create a more resourceful world.

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Next-Level Support

To us, it's more than just being on the phone. Customer support means exceeding expectations through supplemental services, giving in-person training and developing relationships.

Our Vision

To provide best-in-class support by supplying responsive, trusted and proven end-to-end solutions for Itron’s family of customers and to our global Itron support community.