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We make communities smarter and more sustainable. Our multipurpose platform enables smart devices and applications that deliver insights to help you build a data-driven city.

Improve city

Improve Efficiencies City-wide

Intelligent infrastructure combined with correlated data helps all city departments run their operations smoothly.

Enhance quality of life

Enhance Quality of Life

Ease traffic flows, lower carbon emissions, provide reliable access to energy and water, while keeping your community connected and informed.

Economic opportunity

Create Economic Opportunity

Inspire innovation in your community to solve local challenges and drive entrepreneurship.

Intelligent Street Lighting Value Calculator

Eight Questions. Use the free calculator to discover the total cost savings for upgrading your entire fleet of streetlights.

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Customer Successes

Improving Public Safety with IoT Gunshot Detection

Itron and Databuoy partnered with Annapolis, MD to deploy a fully automated gunshot detection system with IoT sensors on the existing Itron smart streetlight network. This project shows that putting immediate intelligence in the hands of first responders can save lives.

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Saving Money for Taxpayers

“By converting our streetlights to LED technology, we are modernizing Chicago’s infrastructure, creating new jobs and saving taxpayers more than $100 million over the next decade. Once the new smart lighting system is operational, we will also be notified when lights go out—and this will eliminate the need for residents to call 311 to report outages.”

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$10M projected annual savings from reducing energy use

Enhance Sustainability and Commuter Safety

Saving energy and promoting sustainable transportation are essential pillars of Copenhagen’s vision to become carbon neutral by 2025. By modernizing the street lighting infrastructure to intelligent LEDs, the city has achieved significant energy savings of 76%

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76% energy savings from upgrading to LED luminaires

Leverage Data to Improve City Services

Glasgow is integrating multiple city services on a common platform, and gathering new data to help empower its citizens to improve the city. Objectives include reducing energy costs, increasing road safety and promoting cycling to help drive health benefits.

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60% energy savings from upgrading to LED luminaires

Featured Use Cases

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Ease Congestion, Enhance Road Safety & Save Lives

Provide real-time visibility into transportation networks to optimize vehicle traffic on the roadways, reduce emissions and generate insights to inform long-term planning and keep your city moving.

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Boost City & Neighborhood Safety

Immediately identify public safety threats, including gas leaks, earthquakes and gunshots so you can take action before the event becomes hazardous to your community.

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Connect & Inform the Public

Bridge the digital divide with public wifi, which can also power digital signage to provide residents, visitors and businesses with instant information about transit, traffic, and community news.

Electric Vehicles

Managed EV Charging

Managed EV charging ensures end customers manage their costs and utilities protect the grid.

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Industrial IoT Network

Connecting critical infrastructure systems for enhanced visibility and control

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Central Management Software

The leading central management software for outdoor lighting systems, Streetlight.Vision has been chosen by more than 500 communities to control more than 3 million intelligent devices worldwide

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Platform-as-a-Service for Streetlights

Provide centralized monitoring, simplified control and real-time alerts for smart city applications without having to worry about designing, building or maintaining citywide communication networks

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The Itron Partner Ecosystem

Driving innovation is key to our shared success. Our open platform enables a diverse ecosystem of solutions from best-of-breed technology partners to encourage competition and increase choice.


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Itron Expands its Smart Cities Offering by Acquiring SELC

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