Distribution Automation

Intelligent communication for the modern distribution grid.

A unified solution for secure, system-wide automation and control.

A holistic approach to grid management.

Robust and resilient, our multi-application smart grid technology platform enhances reliability and efficiency by extending secure grid monitoring and control outside the substation fence.

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Enhance Resilience and Reliability

Utilize a highly resilient network to increase grid reliability by improving problem identification, real-time decision making, automated outage resolution and reduced truck rolls.

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Optimize Grid Monitoring and Operations

Integrate high-fidelity data from meters and line sensors to reduce losses, balance load and manage voltage.

simplify renewal integration

Simplify Renewable Integration

Leverage complex power flow and load data to improve situational awareness and balance two-way power flows from distributed systems.

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Accelerate Utility Storm Response

Quickly retrieve last gasp and restoration alerts to determine outage impact, then leverage DA devices and data analysis to identify faults and restore power.

Customer Successes

Improving Reliability and Efficiency with a Single Network for Multiple Smart Grid Services

“The smart grid program is delivering on its promise to generate efficiencies and we are pleased to pass-along those savings to our customers by decreasing their electric delivery costs. The investments in the smart grid program are producing a stronger, more reliable system with fewer outages. Those results mean less operational costs and greater savings for our customers.” - Anne Pramaggiore, President and CEO, ComEd

Read the ComEd case study
46% reduction in frequency of customer interruptions and 32% reduction in customers impacted by storms

Modernizing Power Delivery, Improving Utility Storm Response and Enhancing Grid Reliability

"The unprecedented size and scope of Hurricane Irma last September tested every piece of equipment across our 27,000-square-mile service area. That said, we were able to restore service to 1 million customers before the storm even exited our system, and 2 million customers after one full day of restoration" - Eric Silagy, President and CEO, FPL.

Read the Florida Power & Light case study
5.1M minutes of customer interruptions avoided per year  

Streamlining DER Connections

Looking to manage the impact of large solar and wind plants within its East of England service territory, UKPN implemented an innovative approach to renewable integration with real-time power grid control—enabling additional generation to connect without costly upgrades.

Read the UKPN Case Study
87% reduction in connection costs for DERs

Improving Grid Reliability with Distribution Automation

Maintaining high reliability throughout the distribution grid is one of the highest priorities for electric utilities. Watch to learn how Itron's Distribution Automation solutions help utilities identify faults and restore service quickly.

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Featured Use Cases

Fault Location Isolation

Fault Location Isolation & Service Restoration

Improve grid reliability and customer satisfaction with highly-reliable, low-latency communications supporting peer-to-peer control schemes to better respond to faults.


AMI Operations Management

Realize operational savings, understand the state of your system and apply corrective actions where and when needed.

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DER Integration

Improve operations by monitoring and managing the impact that distributed energy resources have on the grid.

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Volt/VAR Management

Control and monitor Volt/VAR management devices—including capacitor banks, voltage regulators and controllable assets—on the distribution secondary and leverage meters as sensors to refine inputs to Volt/VAR management systems.


Storm Response & Pole Sensing

Improve reliability through expedited post-storm damage assessments and optimized supply chain logistics, all while leveraging your investment in mesh network architecture. Monitor and predict structural orientation of utility poles through tilt, orientation and impact from hazardous events.

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Demand Response

Demand side management is critical to maintaining grid stability and incorporating new sources of energy generation. Itron’s continuous two-way communications network overcomes the limitations of legacy demand response (DR) technology, giving you innovative new tools to achieve reliable, predictable load reduction while improving cost efficiencies.

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Itron networks feature the latest, most reliable and secure technology so you can get the most from your AMI and DA investment. 

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Distributed Energy Management

From dynamic pricing and load control to integrating distributed energy resources, optimize grid performance with Itron

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Delivery Services

Itron Global Delivery Services has more than a quarter-century of delivery service experience. 

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Managed Services

More than 1,000 utilities and 62 million endpoints leverage Itron Global Managed Services.


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