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maximize operations

Maximize Operations

(Short Term)

With short-term forecasting (5 minutes-10 days), you can improve grid and retail operations, and enhance energy trading.

increase revenue

Improve Financial Performance

(Medium Term)

With medium-term forecasting (1-3 years), you can gain insights into sales forecasts, revenue forecasts and variance analysis.

enhance planning

Enhance Planning

(Long Term)

With long-term forecasting (5-20 years), you can enhance visibility and planning for a variety of energy, peak and hourly load forecasting activities.

Forecast as a Service

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Itron Forecasting Services: Insights from Industry Experts

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Forecast as a Service (FaaS)

Simply provide updated energy data and FaaS delivers updated forecasts. You get the power and accuracy of the Itron system with our modeling expertise without incurring the upfront cost of acquiring hardware, software or the on-going cost of operating and maintaining the system.

Financial Analysis with Smart Meter Data

Learn how you can unlock the power and value of interval data as well as provide efficient, reliable and flexible aggregation.

Short-term Load Forecast Modeling

Learn how to build powerful short-term load forecast models focusing on within-day and day-head load forecast models that system operators and energy traders rely on for scheduling, dispatching and procuring generation to meet demand with this practitioner’s guide. 

Forecast Framework for DERs

Distributed energy resource forecasts are critical to the real-time load forecasts that system operators require. This white paper explores the Integrated Energy Forecasting Framework (IEFF) and how this concept has been extended to long-term load forecasting. 

Load Forecasting with Machine Learning

Take an in-depth look into the impact of machine learning on load forecasting and discover what’s real and what’s just hype. 

Additional Forecasting Consulting Services

Software solutions backed by a team of industry experts, providing services such as: forecast process reviews and updates, rate case support, staff supplementation, forecast outsourcing, subscription services and training.

Explore Related Products and Services

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Automated Forecasting: MetrixIDR

Used by the world's largest system operators for short-term forecast accuracy, reliability, scalability and flexibility,  MetrixIDR also serves as the back-office engine for Itron’s FaaS offering.

Statistical Modeling: MetrixND

This powerful statistical package, with a 20-year track record of performance and success, is built specifically to solve energy forecasting challenges associated with statistical modeling.

Load Shape Modeling: MetrixLT

A powerful toolkit for building bottom-up load shape forecasts and forecasting peak demand, while making hourly load shape data easy to visualize, analyze and calibrate.

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Financial Time Series Database: Forecast Manager

Streamline, centralize and simplify forecasting processes with this time-series database—built with MetrixND to provide a robust forecasting solution.

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Load Research System: LRS

Load Research System supports all accepted sample design and expansion methods, providing you with valuable insight into how your customers use energy.

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Energy Forecasting Group: EFG

Itron delivers subscription-based services, such as the Energy Forecasting Group (EFG) providing access to a library of regional end-use data and statistically adjusted end-use models along with coordinating an annual meeting.


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