Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Transforming meter systems today…and tomorrow.

Deploy intelligently-connected metering system solutions for electricity, water and gas providers, smart cities and more.

Leading in AMI networks globally.

We brought AMR to the masses. We evolved with AMI. Now, as the utility landscape continues to advance with industrial IoT, we’re once again revolutionizing our smart metering solutions to give our customers an edge. Learn how we’re redefining what's possible with intelligent connectivity. 

Intelligent connectivity

Intelligent Connectivity at the Edge

Edge analytics, peer-to-peer device communications and decision making at every point of your distribution networks and meter systems.

multi commodity

Multi-Commodity & Multi-Application

Access granular smart metering system data on a unified platform to drive better informed decisions, quicker response and more efficient operations, while adding applications (such as remote water disconnect) over time.

Proven performance

Proven Performance, Period

More than 200 million connected devices across 8,000 customers in more than 100 countries.

Customer Successes

AMI as a Step Towards Grid Modernization

“Everything around our modern world is changing...AMI gets us ready for opportunities today and in the future.”

After a storm, AMI reported outages before the first customer call

Leveraging AMI for Rapid Operational Benefits

“Our smart meter installation is the first step in transforming the electric infrastructure to a smart grid.”

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Avoided 17.3 million truck rolls 

Unleashing Our Partner Ecosystem to Enhance Safety by Detecting Methane

"These detectors could help save lives by using smart technology to communicate directly from a customer’s home to our emergency department.”

Helps enable first-responders to arrive on-scene within 30 minutes

Building a Smart Island

“By utilizing Itron’s technology, we are becoming a truly smart island…we look forward to better account for water losses while improving service reliability for our customers”

Transforming into the world’s first “Smart Island”

Featured Use Cases

Centron meters image

Electricity Metering

Simplify and automate data collection, and improve your operations.

Two people working and looking at tablet

AMR to AMI Migration

Build upon your AMR foundation to streamline operations and drive greater insights with AMI.



Flexible, convenient prepay solutions are proven to increase consumer satisfaction, reduce energy consumption and recover existing arrearages.

Innovations in ERT® Technology

Webcast: Gain Actionable Insights and Manage Data with AMI Operations

Slides and Recording Available

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Business Outcomes

Delivering on performance-driven use cases to address your most pressing business challenges.

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Network Solutions

Delivering intelligent connectivity for critical infrastructure with the industry’s most connected industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions.

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Smart Devices

Deploy intelligence across electricity, water and gas service at the edge of the network with our proven portfolio of meters and devices.

Itron Centron II Meter

Smart Electricity Metering

Proven for decades. Explore the edge of what’s possible in the modern smart grid.

Itron Intelis Meter product image

Smart Gas Metering

More than a meter—we’re enabling gas safety networks and changing what’s possible for gas providers. 

AMI Value Calculator screenshot

Smart Water Metering

8 questions. 2 minutes. Find out how much you could be saving with AMI.

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Smart Pay

A flexible, convenient prepayment solution, proven to increase consumer satisfaction, reduce energy consumption and recover up to 90% of existing arrearages.


How CPS Energy is Enhancing Operations

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Itron Intelis Gas Meter Wins IoT Breakthrough Award

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Delivering More for Municipal & Cooperative Utilities

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