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Distribution Automation

When faced with challenges like widespread outages due to storms, increasing distributed generation on your system, and rising consumer expectations, traditional siloed distribution automation solutions prove to be slow, costly and inefficient. This can lead to longer outage times, lower system reliability ratings and more time spent troubleshooting to find system issues.

The grid management industry is now transitioning to a better model. Rather than siloed data management systems, more utilities are taking a unified platform approach, leveraging industrial IoT-enabled edge devices to communicate, coordinate and control equipment across the distribution network in real time.

Itron enables distribution automation use cases for medium and low-voltage networks. By utilizing intelligently connected devices such as capacitor bank controllers, smart meters, line sensors and reclosers that leverage peer-to-peer communication, our solutions quickly pinpoint and isolate outages, thereby protecting equipment and helping you keep the lights on. In fact, customers save millions of dollars in operational expenses and significantly reduce outage frequency and duration.

Distribution automation can also work with AMI to improve system visibility and enable advanced energy management applications. Use AMI data to predict where outages are most likely to occur and proactively make system repairs to improve safety and customer satisfaction. Deploy the right crews and equipment the first time, saving time and money by reducing truck rolls.

With the right grid management solutions, you can prepare for tomorrow’s challenges today. You’ll be ready to help ease renewables integration and support consumer applications, seamlessly balancing two-way power flows from distributed energy resources.

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