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Outage Analysis

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Outage Analysis

Itron’s Outage Analysis provides near real-time outage intelligence in a high-availability and scalable fully managed service experience, running on the cloud-based Microsoft Azure platform. Outage Analysis provides a pathway for utilities that may not be ready or have the capital to implement a full OMS or AMI system, yet need to deliver improved reliability and cost-savings outcomes to their stakeholders.

Our bellwether-meter strategy provides the right degree of outage visibility while keeping costs in check, enabling the utility to deploy as few or as many meters as required for the desired level of outage visibility. Because the bellwether meters are cellular-connected, they can be installed virtually anywhere, making for a straightforward implementation.

The ‘no upfront fees or CAPEX investments required’ options make the service accessible to utilities that may be capital-constrained or prefer a more simple, recurring ‘OPEX-style’ commercial model.

The 24x7 fully managed, comprehensive offering provides all the necessary services, infrastructure, software and hardware in a single bundle, enabling you to focus on your core business.

The performance-based commercial model ensures that Itron provides a best-in-class experience by adhering to significant and stringent service targets for:
  • Sustained outage notifications with guaranteed delivery timeframes
  • Restoration notifications with guaranteed delivery timeframes

The service includes:

  • Text and/or Email notifications for outages & restorations
  • Access to Itron’s Reliability Analysis analytics app
  • Access to Itron’s Outage Detection analytics app
  • Monthly service outage summary reports
  • Daily index reads

Outage visibility, intelligence and analysis allows you to achieve cost savings by enabling you to:

  • Determine the scope of an outage more rapidly and completely
  • Use and dispatch field resources more efficiently
  • Avoid unnecessary dispatches
  • Improve visibility of nested & hidden outages
  • Obtain better quality information to advise and communicate to your end-customers
  • Identify preventative maintenance opportunities before actual problems develop or exist
  • Improve SAIDI, SAIFI and CAIDI indices, and avoid PUC penalties

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