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Grid Connectivity

Demands of the modern electric grid are increasing faster than ever. Integrating solar power and other distributed energy resources, such as electric vehicles, while meeting increasing customer expectations is becoming more challenging. Achieving an accurate grid topology and balanced grid to support these demands has historically been challenging until now.

Achieving a balanced grid just got easier. Grid Connectivity, a component of grid management, uses an artificial intelligence (AI) approach that leverages meter voltage data (in the back office) to identify inaccurate connectivity information on your distribution grid. This enhanced analysis runs seamlessly in the background to help detect errors and exceptions, and provide immediate resolution using insightful connectivity models.

With Grid Connectivity, you can:
  • Realize millions of dollars in savings per year in added business case value, depending on utility size
  • Improve your load forecasting capabilities with an accurate connectivity model
  • Optimize asset utilization and extend asset life
  • Reduce outage response time management errors and improve SAIFI/CAIFI rates
  • Improve many outcomes, such as outage and theft detection
  • Reduce technical loss by phase balancing

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