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Intelis Water Meter AWWA

Itron is modernizing water delivery through ultrasonic metrology and real-time intelligence.

Itron is delivering a robust and feature-rich water solution to market—redefining traditional water metering by introducing real-time alarms and flow data so utilities can respond quickly to backflow, leaks or theft. The meter's integrated ultrasonic technology leverages the active network to track these flow usage patterns at the device-level, raising the value of both new and existing water investments.

Improved Flow Range Accuracy
Provides consistent ultrasonic measurement over all flow ranges and maintains its manufacturing tolerance regardless of age. Superior low-flow accuracy is possible through a friction-less design that is not subject to factors of mechanical wear.

Enhanced Maintenance Savings
Operates using no moving parts which provides long-lasting accuracy and efficiency while lowering maintenance costs throughout the entire product lifecyle.

Itron Advantage
  • Industry leader in water communications—22+ million endpoints installed worldwide
  • Expertise designing battery powered devices
  • Robust and ecological meter design composed of high-grade Polyphthalamide flow tube
  • Additional water management capabilities enhanced by the Riva platform

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