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Smart Grid

Smart Metering, Smart Grid, One Network
Today’s smart metering and smart grid network must provide a technology platform to connect people to their energy usage, solve key business challenges for the utility and support a more sustainable and energy-efficient future.

The network must function like an enterprise IT network with multiple communications options to meet specific utility requirements and must evolve from smart metering to the broader smart grid as business needs change.

The network must also integrate seamlessly with other elements—meter data management, analytic software, services, as well as third-party devices and applications—to form a highly-integrated, end-to-end solution.

Flexibility for the Future
At the core of Itron smart grid solutions is OpenWay. The OpenWay network offers multiple IP-based communications options—RF mesh, cellular, PLC—and features an advanced IPv6 architecture developed jointly by Itron and Cisco. This enables OpenWay to support multiple smart grid applications with “plug-and-play” capability over an interoperable, secure, enterprise-class network.

All-in-One Data Management: Collect, Secure and Manage
The OpenWay communication network is managed under Itron’s unified data collection and management platform, streamlining the meter-to-cash business process, and making data readily available for other grid and consumer applications regardless of communication method.

Network Management Built to Adapt
Itron embeds Cisco’s Network Management, QoS capabilities and a standards-based network security model, to support multi-application functionality with one solution. This provides reduced cost of ownership, simplification of deployment, reduced technical risk and access to a growing ecosystem of global smart grid technology partners.

A Complete Solution
Deployment of the Itron OpenWay network alongside Itron Enterprise Edition Meter Data Management (IEE MDM) and Itron Analytics forms a complete data collection, data management and application solution for smart metering and smart grid initiatives. The end-to-end solution provides well-defined points of interoperability among systems, greatly simplifying and reducing integration costs and difficulties.

OpenWay Supports Critical Business Challenges

Transform meter reading, billing operations and customer service. Eliminate vehicle trips to the field and reduce carbon emissions. Expand customer choices and accelerate the billing cycle and cash flow with two-way communication to every meter. Reduce non-technical losses with tampering and diversion detection functionality.

Consumer Engagement, Demand Response and Energy Efficiency
Empower businesses and consumers to reduce energy consumption and increase energy efficiency with built-in support for energy management devices in the home and office.

Grid Efficiency
Improve grid efficiency and reduce technical loss through more precise voltage regulation and implement condition-based maintenance and asset management programs with the help of interval data and near real-time voltage monitoring. Use the same network for distribution automation applications such as Volt/VAR optimization, fault isolation, detection and restoration and intelligent switching.

Reliability and Outage Management
Operate distribution systems more reliably and efficiently with robust grid-sensing capabilities and low-latency network performance.

Clean Energy Integration
Integrate more distributed and renewable energy resources onto the grid with multi-application architectures and robust monitoring capabilities.

Harnessing Big Data
Manage the huge volumes of data that smart grid networks generate with Itron MDM which is tightly integrated with the OpenWay network. Create value from that data by analyzing outage and voltage data to identify reliability problems, to monitor transformer loading, and identify energy diversion in theft to target field investigations more precisely with Itron Analytics.

A Global Solution Partner
At Itron, we understand that the utility business is complex and evolving. Smart grid development has underscored the need for deep industry expertise and comprehensive solutions. Today, the power grid discussion is much broader. It must address the whole energy delivery system and business model, not just its component pieces. Itron’s smart grid solution delivers real, quantifiable benefits—today and into the future. Our successes at numerous utilities, big and small, have validated the case for smart grid investment. As the single-source provider of end-to-end business solutions, we save you time and resources, while reducing your overall risk.
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