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Distributed intelligence
Distributed energy management
Distributed Energy Management Solutions
Meter data management
Meter Data Management Solutions

A Leader in Transforming Operations & Reinventing the Customer Experience

Resource management

Revenue Assurance

Over 33 million endpoints are analyzed every day using revenue assurance across 26 utilities

proven technology


Over 1.3 million energy management devices enrolled and deployed via mass market demand management programs

Forecast measuring


We provide forecasting services to 80% of ISOs in North America & 100% in Australia

Data driven insights


Over 100 energy and water companies in production, managing data from more than 50 million meters across six continents

Full Managed Services

Global Managed Services

Over 1,300 utilities, comprised of over 93 million endpoints, utilize our managed services

Analytics & Distributed Intelligence

Providing business outcomes that address utility challenges.

Amplify and derive more value from your investments by uncovering insights to drive critical decisions, manage rapidly changing conditions in real time and deliver a world-class customer experience.

maximize operational efficiences

Maximize Operational Efficiency

customer satisfaction

Improve Customer Satisfaction

investment protection

Protect Investments

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How the Proliferation of DERs is Driving Grid Optimization & Innovation

How the Proliferation of DERs is Driving Grid Optimization & Innovation

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Positive Proof for Distributed Intelligence

Positive Proof for Distributed Intelligence

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Itron Smart Pay

Upgrading to Link Layer Security

Managing Electric Vehicle Loads

Podcast: Applications of Distributed Intelligence

Podcast: Applications of Distributed Intelligence

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Distributed Intelligence Applications

Next-Generation AMI: Expand and Gain Maximum Value from Your Investments

AMI Operations

Enhancing Operational Efficiency

Exception Management


post-installation exceptions managed and resolved in AMI Ops

Billing Quality Data


accounts billed in 2021 with only .25% of those estimated

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Achieving Value through Operational Excellence



total service point issues completed via AMI Operations in 2020



of service point issues automatically closed in 2020

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city utilities
City Utilities Springfield (CUS) has decreased the time it takes to detect theft and water leaks by 90%. They are realizing operational savings, understanding the status of their AMI system and applying corrective actions exactly where and when they are needed. Through AMI operations,
CUS can detect:

high temp

High temperature issues within 4-5 hours


Water backflow within 1 day


Meter tampering within 1-4 days


Suspect water leaks within 1-5 days

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Dangers Associated with Energy Theft: Revenue Assurance

Meter tampering leads to financial impacts for utilities and ratepayers, creates potential fire hazards, risks of injury or death to utility employees and the public, and can compromise the distribution system. Itron Revenue Assurance allows utilities to alleviate safety concerns and enhance revenue utilizing analysis and investigation tools such as complex algorithms, data filters and pattern detection to identify meter tampering and service bypass conditions.

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Temetra Analysis

Addressing Water Scarcity: How to Save Billions of Gallons in Drought-Stricken California
View more examples on this interactive map1 (108 MB).
Learn how acoustic leak-sensing devices and Temetra Analysis can help.
1California Department of Water Resources, Water Use Efficiency Data. WUEdata - Water Use Efficiency Data (ca.gov)

water leaks

97.4 billion

gallons of water are lost in California per year due to leaks or asset failures

of which

Precious Water

27 billion

gallons are economically recoverable

equating to

home water


homes' consumption in a year

Beneath the Surface: After the Storm

Learn how Provo Water quickly restored service after a natural disaster by reducing non-revenue water loss and driving water conservation.
(This video was produced for Itron by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions)

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Connecting Every Drop: Are Your Water-Loss And Conservation Efforts Up To Date?

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Address water resource challenges by digitalizing your distribution network


Deliver Measurable Results that Address Non-Revenue Water Loss

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Distributed Energy Management (DEM)

Optimize distributed energy resources and their impact on the grid.

Distributed Energy Management solutions combined with OpenWay Riva’s edge intelligence and processing capabilities deliver on the promise of near real-time demand response and more engaging energy efficiency programs.

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Gulf Power

Raising the bar for automated residential price-based demand response programs. Long recognized as a leader in demand-side management, Gulf Power initiated the first fully-automated critical peak pricing (CPP) program in the U.S. Today they’re driving innovation in automated price-based demand response, improving customer satisfaction, reducing generation needs and more effectively using existing capacity.

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Customer satisfaction rates as high as 95%

Pepco Holdings

Reducing energy consumption by achieving more flexibility in managing peak demand. Working together, PHI and Itron have successfully deployed more than 456,000 energy management devices, including web-programmable thermostats and control switches—reaching more than 380,000 customers for demand response.

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> 400 MW load reduction and counting


Proven Forecasting Leader

Industry-leading knowledge. Innovative software. Services that deliver. Across short-, mid- and long-term forecasting, Itron has the experience and solutions you need to drive both strategy and business operations

Forecast measuring

80% and 100%

of forecasting services are provided by Itron to the North America and Australian ISOs, respectively

increase revenue


of the electricity consumed in North America is forecasted using Itron’s forecast products and services



of the largest energy retailers in the world use Itron’s forecasting products and services to support their retail operations

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Clarity, accuracy and confidence—Itron forecasting delivers.

people working at desks

Maximize Operations

(Short Term: 5 minutes-10 days)

With short-term forecasting (5 minutes-10 days), you can improve grid and retail operations, and enhance energy trading.

person looking at analytics on computer

Improve Financial Performance

(Medium Term: 1-3 years)

With medium-term forecasting (1-3 years), you can gain insights into sales forecasts, revenue forecasts and variance analysis.

people looking at laptop screen

Enhance Planning

(Long Term: 5-20 years)

With long-term forecasting, you can enhance visibility and planning for a variety of energy, peak and hourly load forecasting activities.


Meter Data Management Systems (MDMS)

We are providing data management outcomes for smart utilities and cities around the globe, while delivering mission-critical data to support applications for meter-to-cash and beyond—all through an enterprise-wide, highly scalable MDMS solution

proven technology


Managing data from more than 50 million meters across more than 100 energy and water companies across six continents



AMI data processing capabilities scale to 10 million meters and beyond; six production customers managing 1 million or more meters



Positioned as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Meter Data Management (MDM) six consecutive times

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Data Management for the Active Grid

Deliver operational efficiency while revolutionizing and accelerating business value.

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Let us manage it. And let us own the results.

There’s no system or network we can’t manage. Just ask more than 1,400 utilities worldwide who trust us to manage 62 million endpoints. From base-level SaaS hosting to completely managing your software and network and delivering SLAs, we’ll accommodate virtually any level or combination of managed services that fit your needs. We own the outcome you’ve engaged us to deliver. (We’ll even tie our compensation to your success.)

Texas-New Mexico Power

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man on phone with men looking at monitor in background

Revenue Assurance

Quickly identify, monitor and manage potential losses and revenue leakages through revenue assurance.

Woman touching map of icons overlaying city image

Distributed Intelligence

Deliver new and innovative approaches to solving critical challenges facing the world’s power grids and manage changing conditions in real time.

man working in control center

AMI Operations

Enhance operational efficiency and deliver the functional capabilities needed to more efficiently manage and operate your AMI system at scale.

People discussing data on laptop

Temetra Analysis

Identify, prioritize and take action to detect and reduce real and apparent water losses, identify and prioritize pipe maintenance, and enable proactive communication with your customers.

Man looking at thermostat on phone

IntelliSOURCE Enterprise

Redefine your expectations of a demand response management system by managing energy efficiency programs and distributed energy resources.

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Enabling Real-time Visibility

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Leveraging AMI for the Low Voltage Landscape

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Machine Learning: What Water Utilities Can Learn from the Power Industry

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Outcomes: Delivering Intelligence that Empowers

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Outcomes Fact Sheet

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Revenue Assurance

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Tampa Electric Company: The Art of the Possible

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