Rachel Harcharik

Senior Director
Rachel Harcharik is the Senior Director of the Consulting and Analysis (C&A) group and has over 15 years of energy consulting experience. Her strong management skills, coupled with her extensive knowledge of energy usage, energy efficiency options, distributed energy resources (DER), and quantitative and qualitative analysis methods have contributed to her success managing a full spectrum of evaluation and planning studies, particularly some of the industry’s largest portfolio evaluations of multi-utility commercial and industrial programs. These evaluations have included complex, large data development components and a wide range of impact and process evaluation activities. Ms. Harcharik has managed evaluations including net-to-gross analysis, lighting logger data analysis, engineering analysis, billing analysis, market and process evaluations, as well as studies incorporating thousands of telephone and on-site surveys. She also has specialized experience analyzing the residential new construction and residential lighting markets. In her role as C&A group leader, Ms. Harcharik focuses the C&A team on meeting and exceeding client expectations by clearly understanding project needs and objectives and combining that understanding with the delivery of high-quality work products that are provided on time and on budget. Her leadership, management, and evaluation skills provide the guidance and direction necessary to ensure that the Itron C&A group maintains its premier reputation for delivering industry-leading, DER consulting services.

Mike Rufo

Executive Consultant
Mike Rufo is an Executive Consultant in Itron’s Consulting and Analysis Division. He has over twenty years of experience in all aspects of DSM consulting. Mr. Rufo is a well known and highly regarded national expert in several areas, including estimation of DSM potential, program best practices, market assessment, and evaluation. He is known for his ability to effectively manage high-profile studies in challenging stakeholder environments. He strives to comprehensively integrate his knowledge of technologies and practices, customer behavior, and program theory, to produce rigorous results that improve programs and planning forecasts. His work has been widely cited. Mr. Rufo possesses a strong national reputation for his work estimating energy efficiency potential and modeling customer adoption. He is also recognized for his previous work leading the first phase of the National Energy Efficiency Best Practices Study and is also highly respected for his evaluation of industrial DSM programs.

John Cavalli

John Cavalli is a Director of Itron’s Consulting and Analysis group. He has been with Itron as Senior Manager since 1989 and has more than twenty-five years of experience assisting electric utilities in meeting program evaluation, load research, market research, and marketing objectives. At Itron, he has directed the integrated evaluations of several utility energy efficiency programs, addressing the residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors across all major end uses. He has managed numerous studies for prescriptive retrofit, customized retrofit, new construction, load management, and audit programs for various utilities across the nation. Mr. Cavalli specializes in developing customer samples and appropriate baselines, statistical modeling, database development, and undertaking integrated energy efficiency program evaluations. He has a long history of implementing industry-leading lighting logger studies in both the commercial and residential sectors, including the largest ongoing evaluation of commercial lighting measures in the country over the past decade.

Kris Bradley

Kris Bradley is a Director and has over 25 years of consulting experience in the energy industry, focusing on mechanical engineering analysis and all aspects of energy efficiency program evaluation. He normally leads several simultaneous engagements at Itron, with a focus on portfolio-level evaluation, custom program impact evaluation, and utility load impact research. Mr. Bradley has extensive experience managing and participating in projects for both major utilities and utility commissions across the U.S. Mr. Bradley brings an array of skills and experience to the projects he manages, including research planning, sampling, data collection, and integrated data analysis and reporting. Mr. Bradley has a proven track record of successfully completing client projects on time and within budget. His engineering experience includes analyses surrounding lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, motors, process heating, industrial equipment/manufacturing, building envelope, hot water, and air compressor technologies. Mr. Bradley is an expert at algorithm development, site-specific mechanical systems analysis, and implementation of DOE-2 and other building simulation models.

George Simons

George Simons is a Director of Itron’s Renewable and Distributed Generation Consulting Services. He is responsible for providing utilities, industry and government clients with expert services in the area of renewable and distributed generation program design, implementation, evaluation and market assessment. Among his interests and goals at Itron is the development of an enterprise-wide tool that allows customers to integrate energy efficiency, demand response and renewable energy/distributed generation deployment strategies under a single umbrella that allows for enhanced responsiveness with regard to cost and performance. He is currently Program Director for Measurement & Evaluation services to California’s $1 billion Self-Generation Incentive Program. Prior to joining Itron, Mr. Simons worked at the California Energy Commission (CEC), and most recently directed and managed the renewables research program element of the CEC’s Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) program.

Jean Shelton

Jean Shelton, Ph.D. is a Director with extensive experience in econometric analysis and modeling. She has managed the econometric evaluation of DSM savings for several utility clients, including modeling energy savings from behavioral and energy efficiency programs, demand savings from demand response programs, and production from distributed generation programs. She has combined her understanding of energy efficiency, behavioral programs, distributed generation, and demand response to ensure that her econometric analyses of these programs do not either double count or miss savings when customers participate in multiple types of DSM. Her work has contributed to the developing field of integrated demand side management. Dr. Shelton has modeled CFL demand, used conditional demand model to calculate residential consumption by end use, and managed multi-utility market research projects and energy efficiency potential studies. Dr. Shelton’s work in DSM analyses, combined with knowledge derived from conditional demand studies, market research studies, and potential analyses, have provided her with a unique understanding of measure level energy usage, savings, and costs. She has extensive experience with statistical modeling techniques used to model program participation and demand, as well as experience with energy efficiency and distributed generation cost effectiveness analyses. Dr. Shelton’s Economics Ph.D. is from the University of California, San Diego, specializing in econometrics and public policy.

Amy Buege

Senior Principal Consultant
Amy Buege is a Senior Principal Consultant in Itron’s Consulting and Analysis group specializing in statistical analysis and modeling, survey development, and database management. She has extensive experience designing, managing, and implementing evaluations of energy efficiency programs, both within the residential and nonresidential market segments, for a wide variant of clients across the nation. Recent work has focused on the management of residential and nonresidential lighting program evaluations for two leading U.S. utilities, with an emphasis on innovative data collection strategies for upstream programs and lighting logger studies. Ms. Buege has extensive experience implementing a variety of gross and net savings methods, such as billing analysis, self-report NTG analysis, and discrete choice modeling, across numerous residential and non-residential measures, with a significant focus on lighting. Ms. Buege has been the lead analyst or project manager on projects in a variety of topic areas including energy efficiency audit programs, residential single family rebate programs, large C&I demand response programs, and residential and commercial load management and retention studies. She received her M.S. in Operations Research from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Jennifer Fagan

Senior Principal Consultant
Jennifer Fagan is a Senior Principal Consultant with over 30 years of experience as an energy economist. She is responsible for a wide range of activities covering design, research, and evaluation of energy efficiency and demand response programs, economic analysis and business planning, energy-related pricing and cost analysis, and energy market research and analysis. She has extensive experience managing and performing impact and process evaluations of both residential and nonresidential energy efficiency programs for clients throughout the nation. A key area of her expertise is program Attribution/Net-to-Gross. She currently has lead responsibility for the Net-to-Gross analysis of Nonresidential Programs for evaluations in California, New York, and Illinois. Ms. Fagan has managed process and impact evaluations for leading U.S. utilities, has researched and designed energy efficiency programs, and has prepared and conducted customer and market surveys. In addition, she served as the director of Wisconsin’s statewide energy efficiency programs for nonresidential customers.

David Hanna

Senior Principal Consultant
David Hanna is a Senior Principal Energy Consultant in Itron’s Consulting and Analysis group with over 30 years of experience in the energy industry. His areas of expertise include DR evaluations, load research, load profiling, and EE program evaluations as well as managing large multi-year portfolio projects. Mr. Hanna managed the evaluation of Portland General Electric’s large C&I automated DR program and FPL’s Smart Thermostat and Nest Thermostat pilots. He successfully managed SDG&E’s PTR and SCTD program evaluation and the evaluation of SCE’s Edison SmartConnect® portfolio of smart meter-enabled programs that includes behavioral energy conservation, peak-time rebate, and AC cycling programs. These projects entailed the use of AMI interval load data and quasi-experimental designs to match participant and non-participant samples in order to isolate load reductions and energy savings. Additionally, Mr. Hanna has managed several large multi-year projects, such as the evaluations of We Energies’ electric and gas portfolio of DSM programs under the We Energies’ 55 MW Plan and PG&E’s Business Energy Coalition DR response program. Prior to joining Itron in 1999, Mr. Hanna developed and implemented various aspects of the Long Island Power Authority’s (LIPA) retail access program, conducting the retail balancing and settlement process for the program and producing next-day forecasts of LIPA’s native load. For over a decade, he was responsible for gas and electric load research, special billing, and the annual impact evaluations of KeySpan Energy’s DSM programs on Long Island.

Christine Hungeling

Senior Principal Consultant
Christine Hungeling is a Senior Principal Energy Consultant in Itron’s Consulting and Analysis group. She has over a decade of experience in research and data analysis. Ms. Hungeling specializes in managing and performing statistical analysis on large datasets using SAS, SQL, Microsoft Excel, and Access. She is the Project Director overseeing several data management projects. As Project Director she works with subcontractors and staff to maintain functional databases of program participation; customer information; evaluation results and cost effectiveness; and billing and load data. She also works with programming teams to create reports and online visualization of client data. Ms. Hungeling’s analysis skills include quality control, the development of surveys, and impact analysis of programs using advanced statistical techniques incorporating billing and load data. Prior to joining Itron, Ms. Hungeling worked as a rate analyst modeling energy rates of utilities around the country and helping clients determine their most beneficial rate structure.

Michael Messenger

Senior Principal Consultant
Michael Messenger is a Senior Principal Consultant who has worked in energy efficiency and evaluation since 1978. He is a nationally recognized expert in the field, in which he specializes in the design and evaluation of energy efficiency and demand response programs and the development of policy frameworks and funding to support them. Prior to joining Itron, he served as the Chief of Evaluation for Energy Efficiency and Demand Response programs at the CEC. From July of 2006 to July of 2007, he was an evaluation consultant for the Ontario Power Authority. His work ranges from the evaluation of dynamic pricing tariffs and business cases for advanced metering systems for electric utilities, to the development of evaluation protocols for evaluating energy efficiency and demand response programs. During the 1980’s he developed statewide, as well as national, appliance efficiency standards for refrigerators and central air conditioners. In the 1990’s he worked on the evaluation of utility efficiency programs and developed ten year energy savings goals for each of California’s investor owned utilities. His recent work includes being part of the team that developed an evaluation framework and protocols in California and Ontario, Canada.

Michael K. Ting

Senior Principal Consultant
Michael K. Ting is a Senior Principal Energy Consultant with Itron’s Consulting and Analysis group. He provides expert advice and performs lead analysis and project management for baseline studies, measure cost studies, market potential studies, policy and program planning, and program evaluations associated with both energy efficiency and demand response. Most recently, Mr. Ting directed the largest-scale measure cost study ever conducted in North America, which produced incremental cost estimates for over 600 deemed measures currently defined in California using innovative data collection strategies and regression-based cost modeling techniques. Mr. Ting is also a leading authority on conducting energy efficiency potential studies and has led several high-profile efforts, including multi-client potential studies in California and Florida and innovative scenario analyses of long-term energy efficiency potential for the California Public Utilities Commission and the California Energy Commission. Additionally, Mr. Ting managed and led the first systematic effort to quantify the incremental load impacts from future energy efficiency programs and initiatives not included in the California Energy Commission’s long-term load forecast.

Corina Stetiu Jump

Principal Consultant
Corina Stetiu Jump, Ph.D. is a Principal Consultant with over fifteen years’ experience in the energy industry. She has been the lead analyst in projects requiring load data development and analysis, and in projects involving the management of large databases of various formats. She has substantial experience designing sampling and applying weighting methods. Most recently, she has been heavily involved in the CPUC 2013-2015 Industrial, Agricultural, and Large Commercial (IALC) evaluation and Florida Power and Light’s C/I Sector and Load Control evaluation. Dr. Jump is also an expert at algorithm development and the implementation of building simulation models in residential and nonresidential applications. She received her Ph.D. in Energy and Resources from the University of California at Berkeley.

Joe Loper

Senior Principal Consultant
Joe Loper is a Principal Consultant with over 25 years' experience in energy advocacy, analysis, consulting, training, program management, and policy and program development. Mr. Loper has extensive knowledge of the energy efficiency industry, organizations, issues, and data as well as broad knowledge of policies, politics, and analytical issues related to climate change. As the project manager for the independent evaluation of the EmPOWER Maryland energy efficiency programs, he supports the Maryland Public Service Commission with development of strategic guidance, technical resource manuals, and the verification of impact estimates, and analysis of cost effectiveness. He managed Itron’s evaluation of NYSEG and RGE non-residential and multifamily programs, the evaluation of Commercial Standard Offer Programs in Texas, and is currently managing the evaluation of Alliant Energy’s residential prescriptive programs in Iowa. In his 19-year tenure with the Alliance to Save Energy, Mr. Loper held numerous positions including Senior Vice President of Research and Analysis and the Director of International Programs. As a Senior Vice President, Mr. Loper led the Alliance’s Policy and Research team of 10 people including senior lobbyists, policy analysts, and researchers. As Director of International Programs, he managed a team of 30 Washington, D.C. and field-based staff operating in more than two dozen developing and transitional countries and oversaw project funding from USAID, USDOE, UNECE, UNF, and others.

Myles O'Kelly

Principal Consultant
Mr. O’Kelly is a Principal Energy Consultant for Itron.  Mr. O’Kelly currently develops data analysis and data acquisition for evaluation of wide scale distributed generation projects. Most recently these include PV, wind, and Cogeneration projects for the evaluation of California’s Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) and the California Solar Initiative (CSI).  His efforts range from SAS programming to metering hardware and remote communication equipment specifications to guidance of management of field metering installation teams, and to estimation of program-wide, lifetime economic impacts from various stakeholder perspectives.  Mr. O’Kelly is a senior member of both the SGIP team gathering the sample data and providing data quality control, as well as the team conducting the annual energy and economic analyses.  As such he has examined quarter-hour performance data for hundreds of large-scale PV, wind, and Cogen systems in California, some in operation over 10 years.  He has conducted similar evaluations for Cogen systems funded by NYSERDA. Related work has included examinations of historic and forecasted trends in large-scale PV system installation and maintenance costs, of PV and Cogen system performance degradation, and of distributed generation impacts during utility peak hours.

Before coming to work for Itron, Mr. O’Kelly worked for Independence Power and Energy Consulting LLC (IPEC).  With IPEC he provided resource assessment, system design and installation, power monitoring, and performance analysis services for small, grid-tied PV and wind systems in remote Alaskan villages.  Mr. O’Kelly previously has worked for KEMA-Xenergy (now DNV-GL) where he provided measurement and verification services and examined energy and economic impacts of various energy conservation and load-control programs.  Mr. O’Kelly holds a B.S. in Engineering Science with a concentration in energy from California Polytechnic State University and completed coursework in the Energy Analysis and Policy Masters level program at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

Smita Gupta

Principal Consultant
Ms. Gupta is a Principal Consultant in Itron’s Consulting and Analysis group since 2009, specializing in technical and policy aspects of integrating demand side measures with supply side distributed generation. She has led several efforts in strategic planning for an integrated approach to resources. Such efforts include working with SMUD on development of their R&D Strategic Plan and with the CPUC and their stakeholders on the Action Plans for Residential Zero Net Energy (ZNE), Codes and Standards and Research and Technology. Ms. Gupta has also managed both the overall program and grants for the California Solar Initiative’s RD&D Program on behalf of CPUC. Ms. Gupta has experience designing and conducting surveys and in-depth interviews towards understanding the market perspective for DG technologies including solar and CHP. Prior to joining Itron, Ms. Gupta worked at the California Energy Commission (CEC), as a technical lead and supervisor in the building energy efficiency standards office. She was closely involved with the development of the New Solar Homes Partnership (NSHP) solar incentive program for residential new construction and played a seminal role in the development of the PV performance calculator. Ms. Gupta holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and MS in Building Science (Energy and Climate).

Alfred Lutz

Principal Consultant
Alfred Lutz is a Principal Energy Consultant in Itron’s Consulting and Analysis group. Utilizing over 30 years of experience in energy efficiency and renewable energy, Mr. Lutz builds teams of engineers and field technicians who support Itron’s measurement and verification (M&V) practice area for impact evaluation. Mr. Lutz currently supports impact evaluations by providing guidance on overarching issues and delivering quality control in the current Industrial, Agricultural, and Large Commercial (IALC) impact evaluation for the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). He recently completed project management for all aspects of the 2010-2012 CPUC custom measure impact evaluation, one of the largest evaluations of its type. He also previously managed the gross impact portion of the 2006–2008 California industrial energy efficiency program evaluations and the 2004–2005 California Nonresidential Standard Performance Contract program evaluation. As part of these projects, he performed thorough reviews of the IOU tracking databases and was responsible for pinpointing improvements. Other work included the refinement of electric and gas measure work papers for the California Express Efficiency program, evaluation services for the We Energies 55 MW program, and leading the evaluation of the Government, Institutional, and Nonprofit program for PECO.

Thomas Mayer

Principal Consultant
Thomas Mayer is a Principal Consultant and has been employed with Itron since 1987. During his tenure, he has been involved in a variety of projects, many involving statistical analysis, SAS, and database management technologies such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. Mr. Mayer has developed software to facilitate the analysis of survey, billing, and load profile data. He was the lead developer of “The DrCEUS System” designed to automate the running of commercial building simulations utilizing the eQuest/DOE 2.2 simulation software. He has developed database management systems designed to translate on-site and phone survey data into formats to facilitate data entry, quality control and data analysis. He has extensive experience in the areas of conditional demand modeling and DSM program evaluation. Mr. Mayer has played a major role in the analysis of many New Construction DSM projects for multiple clients throughout the U.S. These projects included the C&I and residential sectors, where he was instrumental in developing databases, performing the analysis, and developing results. Mr. Mayer has worked extensively in the area of Conditional Demand Analysis and has been involved in numerous database management efforts including Commercial End-Use Survey work for SDG&E and the California Energy Commission.

Leonel Campoy

Principal Engineer
Leonel Campoy is a Principal Engineer in Itron’s Consulting and Analysis group. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering and a Master of Science in Nuclear and Energy Engineering from the University of Arizona. He has extensive expertise in demand side management, renewables, energy engineering, regulatory requirements, and policy and analysis, as well as in mathematical modeling, software development, and project management. At Itron, he is engaged in both the Ex Ante review and Ex Post impact evaluation of custom energy efficiency projects for the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and verification of the EmPOWER evaluation results for Maryland. He has participated in the development of and updates to the CPUC’s Database for Energy Efficiency Resources (DEER) since its inception. Prior to joining the Consulting and Analysis group, Mr. Campoy worked at Southern California Edison (SCE) Company in diverse engineering and regulatory capacities for over 29 years. At SCE, he provided technical, regulatory, training, cost-effectiveness and program planning, and project management support to the Customer Service Business Unit, Energy Efficiency Division, Regulatory Affairs, Power Procurement, and Nuclear Generation.

Stephan Barsun

Principal Consultant
Mr. Barsun is a Principal Energy Consultant with Itron’s Consulting and Analysis group.  He has led multiple solar and combined heat and power program impact evaluations and is currently leading the evaluation of the California Solar Initiative (CSI) Thermal Program.  He has over 14 years of experience in mechanical and energy engineering, serving in design, analysis, and leadership roles.  He has expertise in the analysis, measurement, and design of photovoltaic, solar hot water, combined heat and power, and high efficiency cooling systems.  He is currently managing numerous grants under the California Solar Initiative RD&D program to integrate more solar to the grid and reduce the cost of solar energy.  Prior to joining Itron, he led the development of next generation utility-scale solar systems at SunPower Corporation including early work on the C7 concentrator.  He also served as project manager and principal investigator for a variety of innovative solar, cooling, and building envelope products at Davis Energy Group.  He has led or served as a key contributor for many successful product development projects and investigations in a variety of industries.  Mr. Barsun is a registered Professional Engineer and has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Davis.  He is named as inventor on 72 patents.

Brian McAuley

Principal Consultant
Brian McAuley is a Principal Energy Consultant in Itron’s Consulting and Analysis group. Mr. McAuley is experienced in program evaluation, specifically related to impact and market evaluations as well as statistical and economic analyses. At Itron, Mr. McAuley is currently the project manager for nonresidential downstream impact evaluations on the California IOU energy efficiency programs and has been a lead analyst on several other evaluations that address the nonresidential sector. He specializes in overall project management, developing customer samples, analysis of logger data to generate lighting load shape profiles, and various other ex-post gross and net impact analyses. Mr. McAuley is proficient in SAS programming, Microsoft Office Suite, and ArcGIS. He also has experience in natural resource management, specifically relating to energy and water resources, as well as cost benefit analysis with a focus on external cost valuation.

Mr. McAuley received his B.A. in Anthropology and English from the State University of New York, Albany, and his Masters in Environment Management from the Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University.