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At Itron, we know that we are in the midst of an energy and water technology revolution. We are committed and proud to apply leading edge technologies to solve key challenges—but we can’t do it alone. With your collaboration and knowledge, we are discovering ways to more accurately and effectively measure, manage and plan for a more sustainable future. Developing a knowledge-sharing community and supporting you in your efforts to take on the challenges ahead are critical to what we do. From our annual Users’ Conference to our rich library of product information, we provide you with comprehensive online resources and knowledge to help you shape the new energy and water reality.


In This Section:

Support Services
Itron Support Services professionals bring extensive technical, industry and product experience to the daily support of your operations.
View the Support Services page

Consumer Resource Center
Learn about the safety, security and privacy of Itron’s technologies.
View the Consumer Resource Center

Itron Access
Itron Access is a secure, consolidated site where customers and collaborators can acquire up-to-date support information for Itron products, find past and current order information and so much more. To create a new account or learn more about Itron Access, click on the link below.
View the Itron Access page

Itron Security Center
Stay ahead of the threat. The Itron Security Center provides world-class cyber security information and analysis to Itron customers around the globe.
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Effective collaboration requires a common vocabulary and shared understanding. While browsing our site, if you come across a term you’re not familiar with or if you’d like further information on a specific term, access our thorough Glossary for support.
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Distribution Design Solutions FTP Area
Itron has provided its Distribution Design Solutions customers with a place to download or upload work and project files to our servers. Click below for more information.
View the Distribution Design Solutions FTP Area

To stay aware of the latest developments and improvements in our products and technologies, we encourage you to