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Analysis Software: Energy Forecasting + Load Research

For true load forecasting and distribution system planning, companies look to Itron for guidance. Built on an open-architecture platform that easily integrates with your existing systems, our energy forecasting tools utilize a variety of advanced techniques to combine an array of data into powerful short- and long-term forecasting models. Itron has also proven itself the worldwide leader in delivering and supporting state-of-the-art software needed for accurate and affordable load research, sample design and consulting.
To learn more about our forecasting technologies, we encourage you to visit the ITRON FORECASTING BLOG

Energy Forecasting

Accurate forecasts provide the foundation for daily operations, market planning and risk management. Today's changing marketplace and the deregulation of energy markets bring new challenges to energy providers. Helping utilities to navigate through this changing landscape is Itron and its industry leading short- and long-term energy forecasting tools.

Load Research

Itron’s industry-leading position in collecting and analyzing load profile data provides a rock-solid foundation for innovative load research and profiling services. These capabilities, combined with software tools and application expertise, put Itron in the unique position to deliver comprehensive load research products and related services to our customers.