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Solutions: Smart Grid

Itron knows the smart grid is bigger than any one technology or company. The intelligent grid of tomorrow will be a convergence of technologies – grid devices and sensors, smart meters, a diverse mix of generation resources, energy storage, electric vehicles, microgrids and consumer apps – all working together to ensure a more reliable, efficient and sustainable energy future.

Itron technology and services play a unique and integrative role in this vision by providing the measurement, monitoring, communications, data management and analytic capabilities required to connect these assets into a greater whole and create new business value.

To achieve this broad vision, Itron is committed to embracing open standards, working collaboratively in partnership, and to building a diverse ecosystem of technology suppliers to provide our utility customers with choice and flexibility as they execute to their smart grid strategies.

OpenWay Applications

The interoperability and open standards capabilities of Itron’s smart grid network establish a foundation upon which to extend business value to utilities through the use of technology, specifically smart grid applications. Itron is moving beyond simply managing data, we’re helping utilities and cities manage outcomes. Smart grid applications, such as load control, electric vehicle charging and distribution automation open up a world of possibilities in the age of sensors and IoT.

Solar Measurement + Monitoring

Solar energy is shining bright. Since 2010, installation of “behind the meter” photovoltaic (PV) solar systems grew more by more than 400% in North America alone, bringing cumulative installed solar capacity in the US to more than 17.5 gigawatts. This proliferation of solar installations and distributed generation is creating new opportunities for consumers, third-party solar lessors/service providers and distribution utilities. These include opportunities to save money on utility bills, reduce carbon emissions with renewable energy, transform the energy delivery business model and build a more flexible and resilient power grid for the future.

For decades, Itron has been a global leader in technology and services to manage energy and water resources more intelligently. Recognizing the emerging needs of this industry and building on this foundation of success, Itron provides a distinctive portfolio of technology solutions and managed services offerings designed to meet a broad spectrum of technical and business needs across the solar market.