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The SENTINEL is a solid-state, polyphase meter . This self-contained or transformer-rated meter is designed for use with your high-end commercial and industrial (C&I) customers, including large industrial sites and substations.
Features + Benefits
The SENTINEL meter lets you effectively manage the needs of C&I customers today while providing the flexibility to meet the challenges of tomorrow.
The Aclara Metering Transponders for Itron CENTRON® residential and SENTINEL® C&I electric meters integrate the features of the Itron meters with the TWACS® two-way fixed network power line communication system.
Nighthawk’s two-way RDM series product integrates into Itron’s CENTRON® C2SXD residential electricity meter equipped with Itron’s patented remote service disconnect switch.
Tantalus provides Smart Grid solutions for Advanced Metering, Demand Response & Distribution Automation. Tantalus is currently integrated with Itron’s CENTRON C1SX electric meter.
Trilliant offers an under-the-glass WAN solution for the SENTINEL® C&I electric meter that utilizes public wireless networks operating on GSM/GPRS or CDMA/1xRTT technology.  CellReader also works seamlessly with Itron MV-90xi and requires no additional middleware.