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The SENTINEL R300 meter lets you effectively manage the needs of C&I customers today while providing the flexibility to meet the challenges of tomorrow.
Features + Benefits

When you deploy a SENTINEL R300 meter, you can:
  • Achieve greater accuracy and reliability in the complex interval data required by your C&I customers. This solid-state, electronic multi-measurement, polyphase meter has exceptional accuracy. During manufacturing, precision instrumentation is used to compute correction coefficients for each phase under a variety of load and power factor conditions, and the correction coefficients are written into a protected non-volatile memory that can never be erased
  • Improve voltage quality for C&I customers with powerful voltage and harmonics monitoring at the meter
  • Easily adapt to the changing needs of your business and your C&I customers. Modular architecture is the source of the SENTINEL meter’s flexibility. The microprocessor-based register performs the primary functions including energy, demand, time-of-use, and load profile. The metrology performs the direct sampling of the voltage and current waveforms and the raw processing of these samples to compute all the fundamental energy quantities. Register functions and firmware can be easily updated without disturbing the fine calibration of SENTINEL meter’s metrology or returning the meter to the factory
  • Reduce operational costs associated with meter feature sets by using Itron’s MeterKey™ application with SmartCard™ technology for firmware updates
  • Choose the meter reading communication protocol that meets the needs of you and your customers. The SENTINEL has two ports for communicating with the meter register: an optical port and a 9600-baud auxiliary data port. Optional communications modules are available for Ethernet, radio frequency (RF), modem, serial RS-232/RS-485 and GPRS SmartMeter