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At DTE Energy, Itron is providing smart grid technology—for both electricity and gas—that truly benefits our customers and our company. This technology provides consumers with more accurate information about their energy usage so they can track their consumption and demand via the DTE Energy website.

The system aids us operationally through remote monitoring of our distribution system and by eliminating the vast majority of our estimated bills.

A smarter future for our customers—thanks to Itron.




- Vince Dow:

Vice President, Distribution Operations at DTE Energy



A key component of any advanced metering or smart grid initiative, the OpenWay CENTRON meter is a truly smart device used to collect, process and transmit vital energy information to utility systems. Rather than simply inserting a network communication card into a standard meter, Itron developed an advanced meter where calculations and usage data are calculated within the meter itself, allowing utilities to leverage time-based rates, demand response, home networking and many other smart grid applications.
Features + Benefits
Fully compliant with the ANSI C12.19 and C12.22 standards for storage and transport of register data over a network the OpenWay CENTRON provides a secure and reliable open-standards approach to data collection and communications between the meter and network. In addition, each OpenWay CENTRON meter comes factory-equipped with a ZigBee® radio chip to provide a built-in communications pathway into the home for data presentation, load control and demand response. ZigBee also provides a communication channel with 2.4GZ OpenWay Gas Modules.
The OpenWay CENTRON also provides robust data storage capability to support a variety of data-intensive applications, as well as the most advanced feature set available to support smart grid initiatives. By providing full two-way communications on either RF or LTE cellular, an optional load-limiting remote service switch, outage and tamper detection, and remote upgrade capabilities through the network, the OpenWay CENTRON meter is truly a smart meter that provides a foundation for smart grid initiatives.

OpenWay CENTRON distinguishes itself from all other Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) meter offerings in the marketplace by providing:
  • Time-of-use and critical peak pricing data
  • Two channels of 15-minute load profile data
  • Flexible two-way communications options including:
    • Unlicensed RF module and adaptive-tree radio frequency local area network architecture
    • 4G LTE cellular module with direct connection over the public WAN
  • ZigBee radio for interfacing with home area networking and load control devices
  • Bi-directional metering for distributed energy resources and co-generation opportunities
  • A remote service switch with load limiting capabilities to support many new services, such as prepaid metering
  • Tamper detection including meter inversion, meter removal and reverse energy flow
  • Non-volatile memory and voltage monitoring