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MV-90 xi is a proven solution for interval data collection, management and analysis. MV-90 xi can be used as a data collection engine that interfaces to existing data management and analysis tools, or as an end-to-end interval data collection and management solution.

Operating system and user interface provided in English only.
Features + Benefits
Itron’s MV-90 xi software is the latest generation of the industry’s leading system for collecting and processing interval data from complex metering devices. MV-90 xi is a proven multi-vendor system for collecting data from the complex metering devices typically used for large commercial and industrial (C&I) customers. In addition to its exceptional data collection capabilities, MV-90 xi offers powerful data management and analysis tools that ensure data integrity and process consistency throughout your business.

MV-90 xi collects data from over 150 metering devices and supports a wide variety of communications, including PSTN, cellular, handheld file import, and TCP/IP. Inbound and outbound calls, daisy-chaining and parent/child communication configurations are also supported.

When you use MV-90 xi to collect your complex C&I meter data, you can:
  • Reduce O&M costs and increase productivity by operating one system for interval data collection and management
  • Improve revenue realization from improved integrity in interval data used for billing
  • Improve customer service and billing accuracy with the ability to collect off-cycle readings
  • Read load profile meters more frequently to provide better data to your important C&I customers
  • Easily transfer and exchange meter and billing data using MV-90 xi’s flexible array of data export formats
  • Utilize powerful analysis tools including graphs and reports, aggregation, time-of-use,and billing determinant calculations
  • Adapt easily to your changing business needs with software that scales with you


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