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Itron Enterprise Edition™ Meter Data Management


Itron Enterprise Edition Meter Data Management is an enterprise-wide data management solution for interval, register and event data for residential and C&I customers. It is a scalable, open-architecture system that manages data from many different collection systems. It also provides secure, accurate, reliable data to a wide array of utility billing and analysis systems.

* Operating system and user interface provided in English only.
Features + Benefits
Energy data drives your business. While collecting meter data can be efficient and automatic, putting that data in the hands of people who can leverage its value is often difficult and error-prone. Too often, utilities rely on multiple systems and data stores maintained in isolation—patching, integrating, manipulating and maintaining multiple systems is a barrier to truly utilizing the data collected. In our current energy environment, where data must be collected more frequently and in smaller increments for residential, commercial and industrial (C&I) customers, the potential for confusion increases exponentially. The ideal solution is a central repository where consistent, secure and auditable processes are enforced, and where all users can access accurate and reliable meter data.

Itron Enterprise Edition Meter Data Management (IEE MDM) is a highly-scalable enterprise application to centralize the collection, processing, storage and complex analysis of meter and other utility-related data. Two database platforms are available to meet your business and technology needs: Microsoft® SQL Server® and Oracle®—the choice is yours. Using one secure, centralized data management environment significantly reduces the likelihood of errors in business processes that use meter data.

IEE MDM provides consistent, meaningful data to upstream utility applications and can act as a critical component to automated meter reading (AMR), advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and Smart Grid efforts, especially when implemented prior to a large-scale residential rollout. IEE MDM eases IT integration of AMI, and facilitates the distribution of meter data across the utility enterprise by framing the volumes of interval data retrieved from the field into manageable and familiar information. Additionally, by consolidating reading data from multiple collection systems into IEE MDM, utilities can set consistent validation routines to truly evaluate the performance of their AMI systems. And because IEE MDM easily interfaces to existing billing systems and analysis tools, you can deploy a cost-effective data management system without affecting existing billing processes.

With IEE MDM, your company can capitalize on the wealth of meter data to vastly improve access to information used for decision-making and analysis, giving you:
  • Increased quality of data from operating a single, central repository, instead of separate and inconsistently managed systems
  • Reduced IT implementation and maintenance costs by improving the interoperability of applications
  • Improved data reliability with consistent and enforceable processes.
  • Reduced manual manipulation of data for your largest, most demanding customers
  • Support for simpler, faster and less expensive rollout of advanced metering and smart grid technologies by reducing the number of maintained interfaces between collection and billing systems
  • Improved security and accountability through consistent auditing and versioning of all data
  • An extensible meter data management solution that interfaces to a suite of powerful analytical software applications for complex billing, customer care, demand response, distribution optimization and design and revenue assurance


Alstom, an Itron partner, is an active player around the globe. Our combined solutions leverage individual component strengths, creating best-in-class, real-time applications to improve grid reliability and operations for smarter distribution.
Estuate provides a data archiving solution for Itron Enterprise Edition Meter Data Management (MDM).
Exceleron Software’s patented Prepaid Account Management System (PAMS) is a straightforward, turnkey solution for creating and managing prepaid accounts for utility services.
IBM is an Itron solutions integrator and is the world’s largest information technology company, with more than 80 years of leadership in helping businesses innovate.
Oracle is the world's largest enterprise software company and is an Itron technology partner. For nearly three decades, Oracle has provided the software and services that enable organizations to get the most up-to-date and accurate information from their business systems.
PayGo™ provides integrated utility payments services through the use of cloud-based applications.
PlanetEcosystems (PEI), a certified solution Itron partner, helps consumers benefit from the smart grid. PEI’s proprietary P-ECOSYS consumer engagement platform converts Itron MDM data into actionable insights for saving money and energy, positioning utilities as trusted advisors; boosting customer satisfaction; reducing costs; and enhancing energy efficiency program performance.
SAP is an Itron partner and technology provider.
SmartGridCIS is a leading provider of prepaid utility billing and CIS solutions designed specifically for regulated utilities, deregulated retail energy companies, municipalities and cooperatives utilizing smart metering infrastructure.