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Itron Enterprise Edition™ Curtailment Manager


Itron Enterprise Edition (IEE) Curtailment Manager provides a powerful set of software tools to energy providers and their customers to design, issue, monitor, and settle load curtailment events. IEE Curtailment Manager enables multiple program types and has the flexibility to create both day-ahead and same-day events.

Operating system and user interface provided in English only.
Features + Benefits
In today’s interdependent and sometimes volatile energy market, matching the energy produced and delivered with what businesses and consumers actually need is the key to ensuring a reliable supply of affordable power. Energy providers and users must work together in partnership to achieve this critical balance. Itron Enterprise Edition Curtailment Manager delivers the knowledge that not only empowers proactive load management and demand response, but also enables energy providers and energy users alike to see and measure the results of their efforts.

With IEE Curtailment Manager, you can create and manage programs for mandatory and voluntary curtailment, demand bid, demand response, price signals, peak load management and outage restoration/grid reenergizing efforts. When a utility or energy service provider initiates a curtailment event, IEE Curtailment Manager enables large customers to receive instant notification to evaluate offers to shed load. Through a customized Web page, operators and customers have access to real-time energy usage information and can take full advantage of incentive programs to better match supply and demand, and helping to maintain system reliability.

When you deploy Itron Enterprise Edition Curtailment Manager, you can:
  • Reduce peak demand electricity usage
  • Enhance customer participation with near real-time monitoring, rapid settlement and performance feedback
  • Support all manner of curtailment programs with a single, common software platform
  • Hedge risk exposure and mitigate energy price fluctuations for you and your customers
  • Reduce costs with automatic notification, baselines and settlements
  • Calculate penalties and/or incentives for reduction amounts
  • Eliminate or reduce labor-intensive participation and verification process


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