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Field Collection System (FCS)


Field Collection System (FCS) is the premier data collection engine for handheld and mobile AMR systems. FCS collects data from multiple meter types and provides accurate, reliable meter data to meter data management and customer billing applications.
Features + Benefits
FCS is Itron’s next generation walk-by and drive-by meter data collection system designed specifically for large electric, gas and water utilities. FCS is a state-of-the-art Microsoft Windows-based software solution that uses web services, client/server architecture to provide superior flexibility and ease-of-use. FCS is compatible with Itron collection devices currently on the market, including optical and water probes, and integrates easily with third-party software applications for billing, meter data management and data analysis.

FCS combines the speed and performance in handheld and mobile route processing that you came to expect with yesterday’s mainframes with the ease of maintenance and upgradeability of today’s Windows-based world. The architecture supports horizontal scaling allowing utilities to grow by adding additional PCs, rather than requiring bigger, more expensive servers. Data collector communications uses TCP/IP technology allowing utilities many options for exchanging route data including LAN, wireless WAN, broadband modem, and telephone modem support for handheld offices and locations. FCS also supports two powerful database platforms: Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

When you deploy Itron’s Field Collection System, you can:
  • Collect meter data reliably and accurately from an array of endpoint types using Itron’s most advanced handheld and mobile collection systems
  • Process handheld and mobile collection routes with the speed of a mainframe for far less equipment and maintenance costs
  • Reduce infrastructure costs with handhelds that perform multiple functions and communicate using your existing TCP/IP network without the need for intermediate PCs
  • Improve customer satisfaction by providing more information to handheld and mobile meter readers in the field


RouteSmart Technologies, Inc., is an Itron integration partner and leading provider of route-optimization software and logistics professional services for the public works and utility meter reading industries.