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Commercial & Industrial Gas Meter
The DATTUS III is a highly-accurate, solid-state gas meter suited for commercial and industrial gas measurement applications for flow rates from 800 to 56,000 actual cubic feet per hour (acfh). With no moving parts, the DATTUS meter is ideal for applications where continuous gas flow to the customer is required.

The DATTUS is available in three models (fM1, fM2, and fM3) and as two model types:
  • Basic - Offers uncorrected measurement along with fixed-factor capability
  • Basic TC - Same as Basic, but programmed to include temperature compensation
Features + Benefits

Features for the DATTUS include:

  • Static measurement technology
  • Built-in temperature compensation
  • Gas volume totalizing
  • Data logging capabilities standard
  • Fixed-factor pressure correction
  • Four channels of configurable pulse outputs
  • Meter capacity that is field upgradeable
  • Highly-robust sensor design