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CENTRON Polyphase R300


The CENTRON Polyphase R300 meter is a solid-state, polyphase electricity meter for the commercial and industrial (C&I) market. The CENTRON Polyphase provides utilities with unparalleled digital accuracy and reliability as well as a flexible platform that allows utilities to integrate their low- and mid-tier C&I customers more easily into large-scale automated meter reading (AMR) systems.
Features + Benefits
The CENTRON Polyphase R300 meter brings the superior accuracy of the CENTRON singlephase meter and the robust flexibility of SENTINEL firmware to the small- to mid-tier C&I marketplace. The CENTRON CP1S, the basic platform for all CENTRON C&I meters, is a solid-state electricity meter that measures polyphase energy consumption. With its low starting watts and low watts loss, the CENTRON Polyphase captures more energy consumption than was measured in the past by electromechanical meters.

The CENTRON Polyphase R300 meter is designed to grow and change with the utility industry. Simplified register changes, interchangeable communications modules and a developer’s toolkit are proven advantages for boosting operational performance and simplifying C&I data acquisition.