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Smart Grid Analytics


Itron has developed a modern, scalable and integrated analytics solution. Itron strongly believes that analytics is a key component to extending the value of smart metering and smart grids. We have made significant investments in research and development to discover and productize new analytics use cases and algorithms. Itron’s years of industry insight and experience, combined with our Itron Analytics solution and consulting services, will provide you with the cutting-edge analytic capabilities of today and prepare you for the emerging priorities of tomorrow.

The technology now exists for utilities to collect highly detailed information right down to the point of delivery. This was not previously possible due to technology constraints and limited business drivers to justify these investments. Using new data from smart meter systems, and combining it with the data that utilities already have, means that utilities can see these extended benefits.

Itron offers technical and consulting services to ensure our utility customers realize the full value their smart grid and IT infrastructure investments. Itron’s skilled technical consultants deploy the solution by completing data mapping and integration services, system testing and go-live support. Itron Analytics extends a utility’s smart grid investment, allowing the realization of specific business outcomes in the following areas:

  • Grid Reliability and Efficiency
  • Operational Improvements
  • Loss Reductions
  • Distributed Generation
  • Responding to Government Mandates
  • Consumer Engagement
      Features + Benefits
      Itron Analytics helps utilities reach business goals through innovative data analysis with the following analytics applications:
      • Reliability Analyst
        • Resolve outages faster
        • Improve response to customer inquiries
        • Identify locations at risk of future failures by monitoring momentary outages
        • Create reports of industry-standard performance indicators such as SAIFI and CAIDI
      • Transformer Load Manager
        • Provide up-to-date load detail
        • Identify over-utilized, under-utilized and at-risk transformers
        • Assess unanticipated load increases that may result in asset failure
        • Evaluate transformer sizing using loading history and peak seasonal loads
      • Voltage Analyst
        • Monitor precise voltage at every delivery point in your network
        • Proactively identify deficient equipment; reduce technical loss
        • Identify problem areas and CVR/VVO opportunities
        • Quantify and justify voltage management initiatives
        • Validate voltage issues prior to action
        • Manage voltage data collection, storage and spatial visualization
      • Theft Investigator
        • Identify energy and revenue losses across distribution grid, from feeder to meter
        • Utilize AMI data and data from other sources to pinpoint potential theft
        • Decipher and prioritize tamper messages and patterns
      • Customer Portal
        • Provide customers access to granular consumption history
        • Send messages to customers within the Customer Portal
        • Allow customization for energy usage goals and alerts
        • Be “mobile-ready” with phone and tablet support
        • OpenWay Operations Center - Performance Manager
          • Enable more collaborative and effective operations teams
          • Streamline the smart meter network mitigation process
          • Create operational savings and minimize truck rolls
          • Analyze trends in network and operational data