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Smart Grid Analytics
Itron Analytics delivers the value of data intelligence for the smart grid. With an innovative approach to deriving value from smart meter data, your utility can quickly take advantage of its smart grid infrastructure.

Itron Analytics provides an end-to-end toolset that enables efficiency and optimization by accommodating simultaneous loading of large volumes of data from sources across the utility. Analytics perform complex queries and provide new ways to view and analyze data. We've coupled the database with feature-rich modules to deliver a solution that is tailored to your needs.

With Itron Analytics, you can leverage data in new ways to optimize energy delivery, measure system performance, detect energy diversion, track demand response programs and enhance meter-to-cash metrics.

Features + Benefits
Itron Analytics helps utilities reach business goals through innovative data analysis in the following areas:
  • Power Quality
    • Quantify system losses
    • Evaluate Volt/VAR improvement
    • Monitor delivery voltage
    • Ensure optimal system performance
    • Improve customer satisfaction
    • Replace reactive processes with proactive management
    • Monitor outages and report performance
  • Energy Diversion
    • Identify energy and revenue losses across distribution grid, from feeder to meter
    • Utilize AMI data and other sources to pinpoint theft
    • Decipher and prioritize tamper messages and patterns
  • Transformer Load Management
    • Provide up-to-date load detail
    • Identify unanticipated load increases
    • Evaluate transformer sizing using loading history and peak seasonal loads
    • Identify over-utilized, under-utilized and at-risk transformers
  • Smart Grid Forecasting
    • Forecast total customer usage at the feeder or substation level
    • Forecast net usage reduced for distributed generation, such as roof-top solar
    • Estimate demand response available at the facility level
    • Forecast usage for new technologies, like plug-in electric vehicles
CYIENT Inc., an Itron Analytics partner, is helping to advance the development of Grid Analytics and visualization tools in collaboration with various utilities to derive meaningful and actionable intelligence from their smart grid data.
OSIsoft delivers the PI System, the industry standard in enterprise infrastructure, for management of real-time data and events.