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Light Commercial Gas Diaphragm Meter

The Itron “A” Series includes a light commercial gas diaphragm meter with a capacity of 400 ft3 hr. ideally suited for high-load residential and light commercial metering requirements.
Features + Benefits
With three different center-to-center options, the 400A gas meter can retrofit into any 400-class meter set and is available with either the standard 10 PSIG maximum allowable operating pressure or the 25 PSIG high pressure rating.  This three-chamber meter is constructed of die cast aluminum casings, one-piece, seamless convoluted diaphragms and lubrication free bearings.  Weighing 25% less than competitive models, the 400A is the desired for its smaller footprint and lightweight construction.  The 400A is built and tested according to ANSI B109.1 and is compatible with leading AMR/AMI devices.