Technical Reference: Itron Riva Dev Edge Boards

PDF - Technical Reference: Itron Riva Dev Edge Boards

Itron offers a suite of Dev Edge boards which can be stacked together to provide a processing core, as well as RF and / or PLC communications as desired.
  • Itron Riva Dev Edge board
  • Itron Riva Dev Edge RF board
  • Itron Riva Dev Edge PLC board

Itron Riva Dev Edge board

The Itron Riva Dev Edge board is the Edge Processing Core and includes processor, memory and control logic. Itron Riva Dev Edge board

Features of the Edge Processing Core

Single 5VDC Supply

The Edge requires a single 5 VDC at 2A power supply. Some versions of the Edge use a 5VDC barrel connector. Others use a 5VDC micro-USB power connector.

Single J8 4-Pin Serial Console

Located on the bottom of the Edge is a single 4-pin, white connector. This provides a serial console for use by the Linux-based firmware that ships on the board.
Pin Number Description
J8-3 Do Not Use
J8-4 GND

Single 10/100 Ethernet Port

Located on the end of the board, near the 5VDC power connector, is a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Port. The most common use of this Ethernet port is to connect to the Internet. Especially when configured as a ROOT/Gateway device, this provides access to a NTP (Network Time Protocol) server.

Dual USB A Host Ports

Two USB A Host ports are provided on the board. However, only the bottom USB A port is available for use with USB peripherals. The top USB host port is reserved for use as a Ethernet over USB port.


The iSOM is an Itron developed System on a Module. As shown by the photo above, the iSOM is the large silver square on the Edge Processing core.

The iSOM contains the following:
  • TI AM3356 ARM Cortex A8 32-bit Microprocessor at 450 Mhz
  • 256 MB of Flash Memory
  • 128 MB of RAM Memory
  • Power Supply
  • Clock Logic
  • Reset Logic
  • Early Power Fail Detection Logic

4 GB eMMC Flash Memory

In addition to the 256 MB of flash memory in the iSOM, the board provides an additional 4GB of eMMC Flash Memory.

Two 40-Pin I/O Expansion Connectors

Two 40-pin I/O Expansion Connectors are provided to add additional boards with various I/O requirements. The connectors provide all major I/O types, including:
  • Serial
  • GPIO
  • A/D
  • I2C
  • SPI
Definitions for the pins on the two 40-pin I/O expansion connectors are provided below.

Itron Riva Dev Edge RF board

The Itron Riva Dev Edge RF board contains a 900 Mhz IEEE 802.15.4g radio core, driven by a DSP (Digital Signal Processor).
Itron Riva Dev RF board
The board also provides the two 40-Pin I/O Expansion Connectors so that additional boards may be placed on the stack.

J8-40-Pin Serial Connector

Pin Number Description
P8-1 GND
P8-2 5VDC
P8-3 5VDC
P8-4 GND
P8-5 Do Not Use
P8-6 Do Not Use
P8-8 GPIO3_18
P8-10 Reserved
P8-11 Reserved
P8-12 Reserved
P8-13  SP1_CS0
P8-14 SPI1_D0
P8-15  SPI1_D1
P8-16  SPI1_SCLK
P8-17 I2C2_SDA
P8-18 I2C2_SCL
P8-19 GPIO3_0
P8-20 GPIO3_4
P8-21 GPIO3_8
P8-24 SPI0_CS0
P8-25 Reserved
P8-26 SPI0_D0
P8-27 SPI0_D1
P8-29 GPIO2_22
P8-30 GPIO3_21
P8-31 GPIO2_23
P8-32 GPIO3_19
P8-33 Reserved
P8-34 Reserved
P8-35 Reserved
P8-36 Reserved
P8-37 AIN_0


P8-39 5VDC
P8-40 GND