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Communications + Networks

Key to Itron’s successful deployment and reliable operation of smart metering solutions, Itron partners with leading global communications and networking providers.

As the smart grid evolves, utilities will ask their communication networks to do more than meter reading – distribution automation, customer communication and other applications. That’s why Itron is working with key partners to architect communication networks with the future firmly in mind, ensuring that Itron solutions support open standards and are secure, scalable and adaptable to meet future requirements as they emerge.

Itron smart grid technology provides 100% utility service territory coverage through seamless integration of multiple communication technologies such as cellular, RF, GPRS, Fiber, PLC, BPL communications, as well as broadly accepted standards such as IPv6.

The ability to offer interoperable, secure solutions based on specific customer needs is due, in part, to Itron’s broad partner ecosystem in the communications and software industries.

We rely on the following communications and network partners to ensure our customers' success.

ABB TroposGlobalOpenWay Integrated Cell Router
AT&TNorth America
CiscoGlobalCisco Connected Grid Router
MotorolaNorth America
SprintNorth America
Tactical Software, LLCGlobalMV-90 xi
Tantalus SystemsNorth AmericaCENTRON
VerizonNorth America